Bitch Queens “Kill Your Friends”

Kill_Your_Friends_FrontSwitzerland’s #1 Denim Demons are back with 12 new songs. If TURBONEGRO‘s friends were all dead, then BITCH QUEENS advise you to kill yours! The glammiest side of the Norwegian band is still a major influence here, from “Kill Your Friends” and “Gimme a Kiss”, to “Who Are You?” and “Tick Tick Tick.”
On this album, the band also displays some more classic melodic punk rock traces in “Again, Again & Again” and “Take Out The Trash”, a good dose of heavy rock in “Waste Me” or “Get Out Of My Way”, and some fuel-injected action rock can be heard in “That Girl.” Songs like “Joan Is A Creep” or “Bullseye Baby” even could have been released by some horror glam, MURDERDOLLS kind of bands.
BITCH QUEENS have been around for quite some time now (they started in 2008), doing mostly everything themselves, the DIY way, and following TURBONEGRO‘s religion, so don’t be afraid of the darkness, and check them out if you haven’t yet!/Laurent C.

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