Is this Halloween?

There won’t be any updates in the next couple of weeks since I’ll be out on the road, drumming for KEVIN K again. KEVIN K has just released “Hurt You”, a new CD divided in two parts: An acoustic one with most of his classics and a few covers, and a re-release of his 2002 album “Story Of My Lfe.” Before you ask, yes the tour is electric (though there might be one semi-acoustic gig somewhere)! Touring/playing with with Kevin, Ritchie Buzz and Ricky Rat again is going to be fun as usual!

This month, I got interviewed by Kill Mosstars, a cool French blog, check it out if you can speak Molière’s language!
Other than that, we’re working on a live version for my synth wave/dark pop project VAGUE SCARE, so I guess we’ll be able to hit the stages in early 2015. We’re glad to see there’s some interest for a project that basically was just a few self-recorded songs in the beginning,, here’s our last one (it can probably be part of your Halloween party playlist!):

Ok, my make-up and vitamins are packed, time to go… Beware of scary monsters, ghosts and vampires, although we all know they’re not the most dangerous ones in this world. More news soon! Cheers!

Manic Street Preachers “Futurology”
Morrissey “World Peace Is None Of Your Business”
Ministry “With Sympathy”
Lester Greenowski “It’s Nothing Serious Just Life”
The Ricky C Quartet “Recent Affairs”


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