The Ricky C Quartet “Recent Affairs”

RickyCQuartetIn this day and age of mp3 downloads, some independent record still do things right. Wanda records from Germany is definitely one of them! Every time I get a package from them, I know it will not only sound good, but also look good! This time, this is a classy black vinyl record of London rock’n’rollers The RICKY C QUARTET.
What we’ve got here is killer ’77 punk mixed to nervous 60s power pop. Songs like”Back To Melbourne”, “Tropical City”, “Recent Affairs”, or “Buddy Billy Bad” and its cool sax hooks will just make you want to dance all around. The 60s influence can also be heard in the ballad “Make Believe” while the 70s punk one can found in “I Miss You”, reminding of The CLASH.
Names like RADIO BIRDMAN, early HANOÏ ROCKS or Les DOGS also come to mind while listening to this album. The lyrics are printed on the back of a cool looking poster, so you’ll be able to sing along too… and you’ll get a download card for your iThing.
Check out “Recent Affairs” , it’s always a good thing when a record makes you want to see the band live, right?/Laurent C.
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Buy it from Wanda records

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