Flying Over “We Are Outsiders”

FlyingOverFLYING OVER, from Bordeaux, France have been playing for a long time (they started back in 1996!), but as crazy as it sounds, I never had the chance to listen to them or see them live before… Mostly influenced by the rock music scene from ’77 (early punk) to early 80s (American new wave) and garage, the band sometimes evokes The BRIEFS (“Outsiders”, “You Don’t Know My Worst”) or even BLONDIE (“Nothing Should Be Long.”)
Snotty female/male vocals, speed-up tempos and RAMONES guitar riff and danceable (sometimes in a CRAMPS way) tunes (“Back Up Of My Life”, “TV Tower”, “I am Not a Substitute”…) you’ll get all the ingredients that make this style loveable. It all reminds me the early 00s when there was actually a scene in France for that style, remember the NEUROTIC SWINGERS? The HATEPINKS…? Of course, we also can’t forget to mention the legendary T.V KILLERS (from the same area.)
They admit they sold their soul to rock’n’roll, so check FLYING OVER get your fun fix!/Laurent C.
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