Living Dead Lights “Black Letters”

LDLBLNice to hear from L.A’s LIVING DEAD LIGHTS 3 years after their promising 7 song CD. Mixing hardcore energy with a chorus reminding bands like PAPA ROACH on opener “”I’ll Be Your Frankenstein” , the band still sounds modern without sounding flat and overproduced ( the album is produced by Fred Archambault, AVENGED SEVENFOLD…), and keeps on hitting hard with songs like “Follow”, “It’s Drowning In My Veins” or “Hey Stranger.”
From US alternative rock influences (“Everybody”, “Vacant”, “This Is Our Evolution”) to contemporary hard rock, LIVING DEAD LIGHTS sometimes make me think of a modern version of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS with a touch of Californian sleaze rock (The GUNS N’ ROSES influence can definitely be heard in the guitars.) This well balanced mix gave birth to potential hits such as “Dead To Myself'” or “Johnny” (a song that was previously released on the band’s 7 song CD), and
while it’s easy to remain stuck in the past when you’re a rock band in Hollywood, LIVING DEAD LIGHTS shows us that L.A. rock influences can fit in nowadays music as well. They will be touring Europe in October./Laurent C.
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