Brand New Hate “Hangover And Over”

BNHWhile the band’s name suggests a big BACKYARD BABIES influence, BRAND NEW HATE actually sounds more British, in a QUIREBOYS/FACES way: Raspy voice, STONES guitars and the good ol’ occasional piano!
These four French guys started playing together in 2007, and it’s good to see them back with this new 10 song album. Influences like the DEAD BOYS (“Luv Machine”) and the NEW YORK DOLLS/JOHNNY THUNDERS (“Anaconda S.S.”) can still be heard, but a song like “Sinner And Preachers” sounds more like PRIMA DONNA (a band they played with a few times.)
Good old classic rock’n’roll (“Lose Your Teeth”) and ’77 glam punk rock’n’roll get along perfectly on this record, a tribute to all rock’n’roll heroes (“A Band On The Go”), but also an album on which you’ll find great original songs like “I Need a Hand” or “Feelin’ Bad Feels Good”!
Rock’n’Roll with a big R./Laurent C.

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Warshow Angels “S/T”

WarshAngelsAny band mentioning T.REX and The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH in their biography is worth talking about, right? Well, good chances are you’ll hear about them on here!… Formed in NYC by Kneel Cohn (Vocals/Guitar) and Todd Bryerton (who played drums on the last CONSOLIDATED album) after recording a few songs in Manhattan, WARSHOW ANGELS offers us a very interesting and unexpected debut album full of special guests, mixing 70s glam sexiness to industrial/post-punk atmospheres.
“Bruises” and its SISTERS OF MERCY kind of bass played by Tony Barber (BUZZCOCKS) reminds me a bit of MARILYN MANSON‘s “Mechanical Animals” era, a retro-futuristic mood that can also be found in “Prozac Smile” and “Dive.” SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK synths and groovy Bolan-esque beats/guitars meet up in “This Is Not A (Hit Song)” (with HANOÏ ROCKS‘ Sam Yaffa on bass!), and LOVE AND ROCKETS often comes to mind while listening to this record. Other guests include Martin Shellard (SPIRITUALIZED) on the sci-fi ballad “Red Plastik Crush”, Peter Holmstrom (DANDY WARHOLS) on the spacey-psyche “Planet Girl” and Nicky Garratt (UK SUBS) on “Love Hz”, a dark sexy dancey electro-glam tune.
Beware! Songs like “Bang Bang Love”, “Sexy TV Trash” or the infectious “Flaunt It Like This” won’t leave your mind after listening to them a couple of times! (and since too much is neve renough, you’ll also get a “Flaunt It Like This” remix version à la SSS by Julian Beeston (NITZER EBB, PIGFACE) )… The 70s, the 80s and the future in one album, definitely the best surprise of these last months!/Laurent C.
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Living Dead Lights “Black Letters”

LDLBLNice to hear from L.A’s LIVING DEAD LIGHTS 3 years after their promising 7 song CD. Mixing hardcore energy with a chorus reminding bands like PAPA ROACH on opener “”I’ll Be Your Frankenstein” , the band still sounds modern without sounding flat and overproduced ( the album is produced by Fred Archambault, AVENGED SEVENFOLD…), and keeps on hitting hard with songs like “Follow”, “It’s Drowning In My Veins” or “Hey Stranger.”
From US alternative rock influences (“Everybody”, “Vacant”, “This Is Our Evolution”) to contemporary hard rock, LIVING DEAD LIGHTS sometimes make me think of a modern version of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS with a touch of Californian sleaze rock (The GUNS N’ ROSES influence can definitely be heard in the guitars.) This well balanced mix gave birth to potential hits such as “Dead To Myself'” or “Johnny” (a song that was previously released on the band’s 7 song CD), and
while it’s easy to remain stuck in the past when you’re a rock band in Hollywood, LIVING DEAD LIGHTS shows us that L.A. rock influences can fit in nowadays music as well. They will be touring Europe in October./Laurent C.
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Baby Scream “Greatest Failures”

BBSGFArgentina’s Juan Pablo Mazzola (aka BABY SCREAM) already recorded quite a few albums and EPs, maybe that’s why he decided to introduce his music through this “best of compilation” record, and while it starts on a NICK CAVE-ish note with “Slut”, most songs on here are actually full of power pop melodies and BEATLES influences. BOWIE is also never far away in songs like “Mars”, “Jekyll & Hide”, or “The Riots”, and you’ll even find a bit of MARC BOLAN‘s spirit in Juan’s vocals (“Ojos Orientales”.)
Sad, quiet songs like “Away” or “Ups & Downs” get along with 90s indie pop (Every Day (I Die a Little Bit)), 70s glam (“Exile”) and laid-back bluesy ballads (“Morning Light”, “Aching Eyes”, “Hit & Run”), but all these various influences manage to perfectly mix together.
Maybe not the first record to put on at your next summer party, but “Greatest Failures” is your chance to get to know more about BABY SCREAM!/Laurent C.

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The Black Zombie Procession “Vol. III The Joys of Being Black at Heart”

BZPartworkMy friend Nasty Samy always has something cooking, a tour, a band, a fanzine, a book, etc. His band The BLACK ZOMBIE PROCESSION already has released two albums and one split EP, but since having different band members on each release is part of the concept, so you’ll notice quite a few difeferences on each release.
On this new album, Elie (HELLBATS) joined forces on vocals to celebrate the power of gore and the spirit of thrash core. More metal, less punk rock, but played with a raw enegy sometimes reminding hardcore bands like STRIFE (“Zoonotic Infection”, “Botch”), this album is also a tribute to horror movie culture.
The mood is sometimes close to SLAYER‘s “South Of Heaven” (“Under The Red Sea”) or even KING DIAMOND (“Mother Tenebrae” and its NIN kind of piano outro), and at times, songs can get in other territories too, “Not On The Same Team” for instance has a more punk rockin’ vibe with a dark electro part in it.
The CD version (there’s also a vinyl one available) of this album comes out in a DVD box, and while ED Repka (DEATH, MEGADETH, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, etc.) was chosen for the cover art of the band’s second album, this time you’ll get a killer cover by Justin Osbourne (MUNICIPAL WASTE, DEMENTED ARE GO…) You’ll also get some special feature videos, check out the link at the end of the booklet.
Check this album out if you’re not afraid of a little metal thrashin’ mad action wrapped in blood, and if you can read French, try and get Nasty Samy’s horror split ‘zine Every Day Is Like Sunday with Delivrance, the perfect companion to this album!/Laurent C.

The Hip Priests “Black Denim Blitz”

HipPriestsI think the last time I’ve heard a band using sirens as an intro was on the first TOWERS OF LONDON album! Well, The HIP PRIESTS hail from the UK too and also seem to have decided to carry the torch of sex, drinks and rock’n’roll come hell or high water. Musicwise, they are more into high-energy rock’n’roll/Scandinavian punk’n’roll, sometimes evoking early HELLACOPTERS/TURBONEGRO (“Motherfucker Superior”, “Flat Out ‘N’ Fucked Up”) ; names like ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN or GLUECIFER also logically come to mind while listening to these 13 amphetamine injected songs. A song like “Good Things Come To Those Who Hate” makes me think of Australian punk rock’n’roller SIMON CHAINSAW or American/German action rock warriors DUMBELL, and “20,000 Watts Of Lust” sounds like it was written for a jam with NASHVILLE PUSSY.
These guys seem to be quite active since they released a total of five 7″s last year (including a split with The DWARVES), and “Black Denim Blitz” is actually their third album!
This kind of rock’n’roll has always been more of a “live” one to me, but songs like “Instant Delinquent” or “Treat Me Like Dirt” show that it can sound as good on record.
Praying to the Saints of Excess, these Black Denim Demons probably have full support from Turbojugend worldwide already, and will probably rock your town sooner or later, get ready!… /Laurent C.

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Las Furias “Sudor De Hembra” 10″

lasFurias4 songs on a 10″ vinyl, released by Dirty Witch Records/GPS Productions/Urgence Disk Records. LAS FURIAS is an all girl trio from Barcelona, Spain, and it seems like they already rocked quite a few stages around Europe, opening for MC5, NINA HAGEN or The CYNICS. The band’s music definitely fits into the Spanish rock’n’roll scene, mixing garage sounds to the raw energy of punk rock. You’ll even get some AC/DC/NASHVILLE PUSSY speed-up kind of guitars and a surf rock song to make you dance. Unfortunately, I can’t really get into details since I got a promo CD that doesn’t include the song titles…
Anyway, let the music do the talking, LAS FURIAS are definitely worth checking out!/Laurent C.

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