Modern Kicks “Just For Kicks” Video Premiere!

Ant (vocals/guitar) tells us about MODERN KICKS‘ new video “Just For Kicks”:

So I was watching Mr.deeds one day and there’s a line that says”I wonder what the 6th grade versions of ourselves would do, they’d probably kick our ass and put bubble gum in our hair” this sparking the idea to make a video about the younger versions of us having a jail break from detention which all of us were very familiar with at that age. It’s a little rock’nroll high school too, we wanted to get some badass kids and have cause havoc on this school. With the help of some friends and my old high school we made it happen.
The song “Just For Kicks is about being bored with the norm, it’s a teenage anthem about doing what ya want to do, not wasting time or whining about your life but taking control and having a good time because after all is said and done that’s what we’re all about. ”

MODERN KICKS will have a 7″ out on T&A records soon, and are finishing new tracks for a future EP “The Kicks Ain’t Right”‘ that will be released this Summer. The band will also play some shows with The JONESES in L.A. and in the Bay Area in June.

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Prima Donna “Living In Sin” 7″

PrimaDonneLIS7If bands were rewarded for the work they actually do, then PRIMA DONNA would be everywhere on TV and radio, and they would be bigger than ARCTIC MONKEYS! Of course, these four Californian guys have already been quite successful, opening for ADAM ANT or GREEN DAY, but they do so much more, always touring, playing each and every club in the US and all around Europe…
Since they’re on tour right now (see dates below), their German record label Wanda Records decided to release this great looking black & red 7″ vinyl. “Living In Sin” offers us a perfect mix of 70s glam rock and 60s power pop, killer guitars and catchy vocals, and “Rubbish” displays a more punk rock’n’roll side of the band, CHUCK BERRY guitars meets LITTLE RICHARD piano with the energy of The DICTATORS!
I’ve never been disappointed with PRIMA DONNA so far, today I’ve heard their version of the DOGSI’m Just Losing That Girl“, and I really hope this one will be released on vinyl too!.. Until that, there’s only 300 copies of this record, so be fast!/Laurent C.

29.04.2014: D-Düsseldorf, Pitcher
30.04.2014: D-Erlangen, Scheune
01.05.2014: D-Essen, Freakshow
02.05.2014: D-Bremen, Lila Eule (+ Fabulous Disaster)
03.05.2014: D-Helgoland, RocknRoll Butterfahrt
04.05.2014: OFF
05.05.2014: D-Kassel, H**s (w/ Lombego Surfers)
06.05.2014: D-Hannover, Cafe Glocksee
07.05.2014: D-Kiel, Schaubude
08.05.2014: D-Hamburg, Club am Donnerstag
09.05.2014: D-Dresden, Chemiefabrik
10.05.2014: CZ-Raice, Rockem Proti Rakovine Fest
11.05.2014: CZ-Valasské Mezirící, M Klub
12.05.2014: SK-Kosice, Collosseum
13.05.2014: A-Vienna, Arenabeisl
14.05.2014: A-Klagenfurt, Ke Theater/Messehalle 11
15.05.2014: I-Ronca, Jack the Ripper
16.05.2014: I-Bologna, Freak Out Club
17.05.2014: I-Rome, Traffic
18.05.2014: I-Milano, Ohibo (w/ The Crooks)
19.05.2014: I-Conzano, UVA Blu
20.05.2014: F-Valence, Mistral Palace
21.05.2014: F-Perpignan, L’Ubu
22.05.2014: E-Castellon, Four seasons
23.05.2014: E-Burgos, Estudio 27
24.05.2014: E-Vitoria Gasteiz, Hell Dorado
25.05.2014: E-Donostia, Le Bukowski
26.05.2014: F-Bordeaux, Bootleg (w/ Bob Wayne)
27.05.2014: F-Lorient, Le Galion
28.05.2014: F-Orleans, 5eme
29.05.2014: F-Paris, Les Mains d’Oeuvres (w/Fire! Fire! Fire! + Sugar Sugaar)
30.05.2014: F-Lille, El Diablo
31.05.2014: D-Hünxe, Ruhrpott Rodeo
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Los Pepes “Tonight” 7″

LosPepes7Wanda Records keeps on bringing us the best stuff when it comes to ’77 punk, glam or power pop… I wasn’t familiar with this British band before, and now I can say that it’s good to finally hear something great from London again! Well, ok there’s JONNY COLA & The A-GRADES, but apart from them it’s hard to think about new killer sounding/looking bands from the city that used to offer us the best rock’n’roll acts!
LOS PEPES are more into power pop on speed, ’77 snotty glammy punk in a BRIEFS/EXPLODING HEARTS way ; Songs like “Tonight” or “Too Late, Too Late” will make you wear your white sun glasses and dance all night!
Side B is as good as Side A, The UNDERTONES seem to be jamming with the SEX PISTOLS on “Unknown”, and The CLASH seems to go pop on “Somebody Else.”
Trust me, your record collection would definitely look better with this cool looking yellow vinyl 7″!/Laurent C.
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