Gypsy Roller “Champagne & Rock’n’Roll”

GypsyRollerSunthunder Records, the Spanish record label on which you can find heavyweights such as Dave Kusworth, Darrell Bath, Kevin Junior or Los Tupper, is now the home of Gypsy Roller (from The City By The Bay) ‘s big family.
I’m talking about a big family, because the number of musicians (among which you’ll find Shea Roberts, leader of The Richmond Sluts and Big Midnight) who are involved in this first album is quite impressive; and don’t worry, it has no bad influence on the unity feeling you can find on “Champagne & Rock’n’Roll”, a pretty amazing record.
When the neighbours across the landing are the people I’ve mentionned before, you can get a better idea about what Gil Soliz (latino dandy and commander in-chief) & friends will offer us: Pure Rok’n’Roll moments, of course! But also some beautiful ballads in a music style (at times transcended by Savannah Soliz‘s wonderful voice, a bit in a Merry Clayton way) drawing influences from The Stones, Jacobites, The Chamber Strings, etc. I love it.
Champage & Rock’n’Roll. What else do we need?/Franckie.

PS: If you want more, Gil has just posted 3 compilations of songs he recorded with his previous bands. Some of the best “unreleased tracks” I’ve ever listened to: