“Catch ‘Em While They’re Still Alive!” Roy J. Morgan’s Fifth Annual Johnny Thunders Memorial Concert Saturday, April 26th!!!!

The rocknroll underground was recently shook by the tragic death of Alistarr from the Ultras, Hollywood’s coolest glam band; as well, as the sad departure of Detroit Rock City’s Pusherman Of Love, Bootsey X. Lots of us rebel rockers, jetboys and mystery girls are still reeling from the loss of such important and much beloved rocknroll luminaries. Legendary photographer, Leee Black Childers is in the intensive care unit, so be sending some smoke signals and rocknroll prayers up for him.

Stardusted rocknroll motherfuckers who need a lift, after all this sad news, are looking forward to attending this year’s Johnny Thunders Memorial Concert in L.A. Always a glittery spectacle, this years line-up may be the most exciting display of unbridled hedonism, low budget theatrics, hot girls attired as if they’re on their way to Rodney‘s English Disco, and a decked out for decadence, diverse brigade of peacock plumed, glam shagged, fedora’d and top hatted, feathered and fringed, platform shoes and gold lame’ garbed lonely planet people, congregating again, to celebrate the defiant spirit and bruised gutter soul of Johnny Thunders.


Heartbreakers survivors, Walter Lure and Billy Rath, are both doing their own sets, accompanied by the dynamite, original, one and only, Classic Waldos line-up guitar hero, Mr. Joey Pinter! So you’re guaranteed to hear a mixture of old Thunders/Heartbreakers classics, like “Chinese Rocks” and “Too Much Junkie Business”, as well as some of your favorite hits from the classic platter, “Rent Party”, such as “Seven Day Weekend” and “Love That Kills” and “Party Lights” that venerated critics like Kris Needs are still talking about, all these years later.

If you’re not hip to the Waldos “Rent Party”, do yourself a favor, and buy a copy of it on-line, pronto, Tonto. It’s like the perfect sequel to your fave Heartbreakers landmark lp’s. This will be Joey Pinter‘s Farewell performance to L.A. before he moves to Chicago, so don’t fuck around and miss your opportunity to see old-school NYC punk living legends—Uncle Walter, Billy Rath, and Joey Pinter, live and in-person! Javier Escovedo, from the legendary Zeros will be performing. Johnny Witmer from the catchy, singalong, power-pop kings, the Crazy Squeeze, will be performing. Not to mention…those reckless, Sunset Strip scorning, lovable punknroll underdogs-Motorcycle Boy! Francois and his gang of stylish rogues will be showing the kids what rocknroll sounds like, and who knows? He might even bring his accordion! Hell, Hollywood lore has it that they used to show up on motorcycles and play one song and leave, you never know what kind of debaucherous hijinks and topless mayhem might ensue when you invite this many tightwire treading, mercurial, glitter punk dynamos to gather in one dark bar! Also on the bill are local faves, The Neurotics, Paper Hearts, Telephone Lovers, Electric Children, Vampyre Bunnies, Bite from San Fran and more! Last time Billy Rath was in town, he was joined onstage by Billy Burks from the Humpers! You never know who might show up at these things. Members of Blondie, the Moonchasers, Joneses, Shiteland Ponies, Dogs D’Amour, Dirty Eyes, and Hangmen have all been seen in the crowd or participating in all star jams! Stargazers will see the coolest faces in Hollyweird, as everybody comes out for these special occasions.

All this happens on Saturday, April 26th, at LOS GLOBOS 3040 West Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake California! That’s Saturday, April 26th, at LOS GLOBOS- 3040 West Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake California! Over 200 people were turned away by fire marshals at the door of last year’s packed event, as punks and hoodlums from all over the world descend upon Tinseltown for this annual extravaganza, so you’ll want to buy your tickets in advance. This is a lot of entertainment value for twelve bucks! Make your plane reservations and book your hotels now. This is gonna be the party of the year. (-Pepsi Sheen)