The Bermondsey Joyriders “Brian Jones (The Real True Leader of The Rolling Stones) / Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being” (7″)

Gary Lammin’s BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS are back with a double a-side 7″ paying tribute to two of their favourite artists/guitarists, Brian Jones and Johnny Thunders without chosing the easy cover song way: “‘Brian Jones (The Real True Leader of The Rolling Stones)” and “Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being”… The band now have Chris Musto (Johnny Thunders’ Oddballs) on drums, so a tribute to Johnny Thunders can’t be more appropriate.
The music style and spirit of both Brian Jones and Johnny Thunders can be found in the songs, but at the same time, these 2 songs full of references could have been part of the same album.
The BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS had a great idea to pay tribute to two of the coolest cats in rock’n’roll, and they do it well! They will release their second album “Flamboyant Thugs” on May 26th./Laurent C.

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Cavaverman “James Dead”

CavavermanIt seems like these Italian guys have turned to zombies after listening to Too much MISFITS! Luckily, they can still play horror punk, and they do it quite well. Although, it might really sound like a MISFITS tribute band, (and it is in a way), CAVAVERMAN can write some catchy tunes in the style (“Welcome To Zombieland”, “Purple Brain”, “I Will Kill You”…)
It also gets interesting when the band slides away a bit from The MISFITS territory, like on “Werewolves”, “Zombie Lover”, or “Walking Dead” that sound a bit like a heavier version of The RAMONES, or on “I Am The One”.
Maybe 14 songs is a bit much in that style (some of them could have been better without the autotune kind of “wohohohooo!” in them), but well, most of these songs are made to make you singalong on a horror night, so just get their album for the next one you’re planinng. You have no excuse since it’s downloadable for free on Bandcamp./Laurent C.

The Wearies “S/T” (EP)

WeariesI never heard of The WEARIES before, but these guys from Oakland, California like T-REX, The STONES and CHEAP TRICK among others, so big chances are they can’t play bad music! You’ll get some cool power pop melodies (“Out Of My Hands”), mixed to 70s guitars and Butch Walker kind of vocals. “Superspectacular” sounds more like early KISS with BEATLES/BEACH BOYS influenced vocal lines, while “Dynamite Moves” is probably the catchiest song on here. If you like softer songs, then you’ll have to listen to the John Lennon influenced ballad “Piano Suite”.
The WEARIES show us that you can play 70s influenced music without sounding dated. Good job!/Laurent C.
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Hole Xpander “You Gonna Scream” (EP)

HoleXPanderNowadays, it can sometimes be difficult to hear any difference between plain heavy metal and sleaze metal since the bands that usually use the word “sleaze” are now mostly influenced by the 00s hair metal revival from Northern Europe, rather than by 80s L.A. rock’n’roll. HOLEXPANDER is no exception, hailing from the North of France, they’re into high-pitched screams (“You Gonna Scream”, or “Never Enough” in which you can hear a mix of King Diamond and Rob Halford on vocals), big backing vocals/guitar solos, and heavy power guitar riffin’. You’ll also get the usual (and not so needed when there’s only 4 songs) heartbroken ballad (“Since You Left Me”), here actually closer to VELVET REVOLVER and the 90s grungy metal scene.
Honestly not bad in that style, the best moment to me being “All My Tears”, but definitely too heavy for me./Laurent C.
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