J.J. & The Real Jerks “In The Alleyway” (EP)

JJInthealleyway5 new songs on CD by Californian rock’n’rollers JJ & The REAL JERKS who released a couple of 7″ vinyl records before. “Out Of My Means” hits hard from the start with killer glam rock and roll guitars and demented X-RAY SPEX sax (also played by JJ)! “Damaged Goods” starts more like a RAMONES song, but the sax and melodies make the band’s identity stand out.
JJ & The REAL JERKS slow down the tempo with gutter ballad “In The Alleyway” and its 60s influenced drum parts, but that’s just the calm before the punk rock’n’roll storm of “Wasted Time” and “Bottle & Can Retirement Plan”, a song that could have been on the last MICHAEL MONROE album.
This new release shows once again that JJ & The REAL JERKS is one of the best Californian rock’n’roll bands around these days. This is for you if you like PRIMA DONNA and this kind of sunny garage-glam-punk-rock’n’roll. The CD comes out in a digipack full of cool colourful flyers, always better than mp2 files, right?/Laurent C.

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