“Catch ‘Em While They’re Still Alive!” Roy J. Morgan’s Fifth Annual Johnny Thunders Memorial Concert Saturday, April 26th!!!!

The rocknroll underground was recently shook by the tragic death of Alistarr from the Ultras, Hollywood’s coolest glam band; as well, as the sad departure of Detroit Rock City’s Pusherman Of Love, Bootsey X. Lots of us rebel rockers, jetboys and mystery girls are still reeling from the loss of such important and much beloved rocknroll luminaries. Legendary photographer, Leee Black Childers is in the intensive care unit, so be sending some smoke signals and rocknroll prayers up for him.

Stardusted rocknroll motherfuckers who need a lift, after all this sad news, are looking forward to attending this year’s Johnny Thunders Memorial Concert in L.A. Always a glittery spectacle, this years line-up may be the most exciting display of unbridled hedonism, low budget theatrics, hot girls attired as if they’re on their way to Rodney‘s English Disco, and a decked out for decadence, diverse brigade of peacock plumed, glam shagged, fedora’d and top hatted, feathered and fringed, platform shoes and gold lame’ garbed lonely planet people, congregating again, to celebrate the defiant spirit and bruised gutter soul of Johnny Thunders.


Heartbreakers survivors, Walter Lure and Billy Rath, are both doing their own sets, accompanied by the dynamite, original, one and only, Classic Waldos line-up guitar hero, Mr. Joey Pinter! So you’re guaranteed to hear a mixture of old Thunders/Heartbreakers classics, like “Chinese Rocks” and “Too Much Junkie Business”, as well as some of your favorite hits from the classic platter, “Rent Party”, such as “Seven Day Weekend” and “Love That Kills” and “Party Lights” that venerated critics like Kris Needs are still talking about, all these years later.

If you’re not hip to the Waldos “Rent Party”, do yourself a favor, and buy a copy of it on-line, pronto, Tonto. It’s like the perfect sequel to your fave Heartbreakers landmark lp’s. This will be Joey Pinter‘s Farewell performance to L.A. before he moves to Chicago, so don’t fuck around and miss your opportunity to see old-school NYC punk living legends—Uncle Walter, Billy Rath, and Joey Pinter, live and in-person! Javier Escovedo, from the legendary Zeros will be performing. Johnny Witmer from the catchy, singalong, power-pop kings, the Crazy Squeeze, will be performing. Not to mention…those reckless, Sunset Strip scorning, lovable punknroll underdogs-Motorcycle Boy! Francois and his gang of stylish rogues will be showing the kids what rocknroll sounds like, and who knows? He might even bring his accordion! Hell, Hollywood lore has it that they used to show up on motorcycles and play one song and leave, you never know what kind of debaucherous hijinks and topless mayhem might ensue when you invite this many tightwire treading, mercurial, glitter punk dynamos to gather in one dark bar! Also on the bill are local faves, The Neurotics, Paper Hearts, Telephone Lovers, Electric Children, Vampyre Bunnies, Bite from San Fran and more! Last time Billy Rath was in town, he was joined onstage by Billy Burks from the Humpers! You never know who might show up at these things. Members of Blondie, the Moonchasers, Joneses, Shiteland Ponies, Dogs D’Amour, Dirty Eyes, and Hangmen have all been seen in the crowd or participating in all star jams! Stargazers will see the coolest faces in Hollyweird, as everybody comes out for these special occasions.

All this happens on Saturday, April 26th, at LOS GLOBOS 3040 West Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake California! That’s Saturday, April 26th, at LOS GLOBOS- 3040 West Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake California! Over 200 people were turned away by fire marshals at the door of last year’s packed event, as punks and hoodlums from all over the world descend upon Tinseltown for this annual extravaganza, so you’ll want to buy your tickets in advance. This is a lot of entertainment value for twelve bucks! Make your plane reservations and book your hotels now. This is gonna be the party of the year. (-Pepsi Sheen)

The Black Marquee Los Angeles “Sessions From The Hive Volume 1”

BMLAalbumThis band from the city of angels has ex-members of CHELSEA SMILES and DUANE PETERS in its line-up, so it would be quite difficult to expect anything bad… Opener “Seven Shades of Shame” has a bit of a 60s flavour mixed to modern rock such as QOTSA, and while “All For Love (LUV)” is a bit of a blink of an eye to the NEW YORK DOLLS, it also has some STONE TEMPLE PILOTS in the vocals and guitar riffs. Some alternative 90s rock traces can also be found in songs like “Dirt Road For Home” or “Just Sayin’.”
The 50s/60s surf rock guitar sound really fit well with the band’s music style, especially in “Madness For Some”, a song that should be the band’s radio hit, or in “Rotten Truth” (there’s almost a bit of Bowie in this one.) The BLACK MARQUEE LOS ANGELES also has no difficulty to write 70s influenced danceable tunes such as “Wolves To Wallflowers.” These guys are definitely big rock fans taking the best of every era, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the band sharing stages with The JIM JONES REVUE or BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB later this year… If you like Rock with a big R, then big chances are you will love BMLA!/Laurent C.

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The Sangomas “Debut EP”

SangomasEPThe biography says that the band was born after a French Mexican guy and a South African guy met on a tour, and then decided to form the band in Montreal, Canada… Quite an interesting mix!
The guys quickly recorded 4 songs that are now featured on this debut EP. It sounds raw, fast, angry and snotty in a DEAD BOYS/BRIEFS way, with enough hooks to make you dance (“Chopping Heads”, “Bored”…) The SANGOMAS would have fit right into the Marseille scene (NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS, HATEPINKS…) in the early 00s, and will please every early HELLACOPTERS fan (when Dregen was in the band)… These 4 songs (downloadable for free on the band’s Bandcamp) are enough to make us want to listen to their future album!/Laurent C.

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The Bermondsey Joyriders “Brian Jones (The Real True Leader of The Rolling Stones) / Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being” (7″)

Gary Lammin’s BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS are back with a double a-side 7″ paying tribute to two of their favourite artists/guitarists, Brian Jones and Johnny Thunders without chosing the easy cover song way: “‘Brian Jones (The Real True Leader of The Rolling Stones)” and “Johnny Thunders Was A Human Being”… The band now have Chris Musto (Johnny Thunders’ Oddballs) on drums, so a tribute to Johnny Thunders can’t be more appropriate.
The music style and spirit of both Brian Jones and Johnny Thunders can be found in the songs, but at the same time, these 2 songs full of references could have been part of the same album.
The BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS had a great idea to pay tribute to two of the coolest cats in rock’n’roll, and they do it well! They will release their second album “Flamboyant Thugs” on May 26th./Laurent C.

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Cavaverman “James Dead”

CavavermanIt seems like these Italian guys have turned to zombies after listening to Too much MISFITS! Luckily, they can still play horror punk, and they do it quite well. Although, it might really sound like a MISFITS tribute band, (and it is in a way), CAVAVERMAN can write some catchy tunes in the style (“Welcome To Zombieland”, “Purple Brain”, “I Will Kill You”…)
It also gets interesting when the band slides away a bit from The MISFITS territory, like on “Werewolves”, “Zombie Lover”, or “Walking Dead” that sound a bit like a heavier version of The RAMONES, or on “I Am The One”.
Maybe 14 songs is a bit much in that style (some of them could have been better without the autotune kind of “wohohohooo!” in them), but well, most of these songs are made to make you singalong on a horror night, so just get their album for the next one you’re planinng. You have no excuse since it’s downloadable for free on Bandcamp./Laurent C.


The Wearies “S/T” (EP)

WeariesI never heard of The WEARIES before, but these guys from Oakland, California like T-REX, The STONES and CHEAP TRICK among others, so big chances are they can’t play bad music! You’ll get some cool power pop melodies (“Out Of My Hands”), mixed to 70s guitars and Butch Walker kind of vocals. “Superspectacular” sounds more like early KISS with BEATLES/BEACH BOYS influenced vocal lines, while “Dynamite Moves” is probably the catchiest song on here. If you like softer songs, then you’ll have to listen to the John Lennon influenced ballad “Piano Suite”.
The WEARIES show us that you can play 70s influenced music without sounding dated. Good job!/Laurent C.

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Hole Xpander “You Gonna Scream” (EP)

HoleXPanderNowadays, it can sometimes be difficult to hear any difference between plain heavy metal and sleaze metal since the bands that usually use the word “sleaze” are now mostly influenced by the 00s hair metal revival from Northern Europe, rather than by 80s L.A. rock’n’roll. HOLEXPANDER is no exception, hailing from the North of France, they’re into high-pitched screams (“You Gonna Scream”, or “Never Enough” in which you can hear a mix of King Diamond and Rob Halford on vocals), big backing vocals/guitar solos, and heavy power guitar riffin’. You’ll also get the usual (and not so needed when there’s only 4 songs) heartbroken ballad (“Since You Left Me”), here actually closer to VELVET REVOLVER and the 90s grungy metal scene.
Honestly not bad in that style, the best moment to me being “All My Tears”, but definitely too heavy for me./Laurent C.

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Biters “The Eyes Of The Tiger”

As the video for “So Many Nights” was just being released, I realized that we still had no BITERS interview on Veglam! Tuk (Vocals/Guitar) tells us about this new video, their European tour experiences and tastes in music/books/movies… and costumes!

You have just released a new video for “So Many Nights.” Can you talk a bit about it? After watching it as well as “Hallucination Generation”  It seems like you have a lot of fun making videos…

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing cinematography team here in Atlanta called “Video Rahim”.
If it wasn’t to so expensive, I would do more videos. It takes a lot of time and work when you are doing it yourself.
All of our videos have been self-funded, which I am proud of. The band has so many amazing people in ATL that are willing to help us.
So many nights was especially fun and also a little out of control with all the drunk hell raisers involved, it was like herding cats! haha!

Can you introduce your new bass player?

The new bassist is Phil, a long time friend of mine who just recently moved back from L.A, and it so happened to be the exact time The Biters needed a bassist.
I needed a high harmony singer and a team player… I searched high and low. Since he moved back to Atlanta it was super convenient.

How did you get into rock music first? What was the first record you bought? The first band shirt you got?

My mother really got me into rock music. First tape she ever bought me was “AC/DC Back in black”.(still one of my all time faves).
She was at an AC/DC concert while she was preggo with me and said she touched Angus Young and his sweat got all over her..
She swears it seeped into her pores and into my blood!! haha!!
In 6th grade I got a Sex Pistols shirt… I thought I was the coolest kid in my redneck town.


You opened for DANKO JONES on his last European tour. I read in one of your interviews that it wasn’t always an easy task. Would you rather come back headlining in smaller clubs like on your last tour?

DANKO JONES TOUR RULED! I would rather do big club tours like Danko than smaller ones actually.
The reason why the Danko tour was so hard was because of our ex-manager’s lack of common sense.
He had no places for us to sleep, no merch to sell, no cell phone, couldn’t pay for the van and gear rental etc. The list goes on n on… He almost got the band black listed in Europe. The owner of the van actually called the police on us on the last show because our manager spent all the band money flying his wife over and then went MIA leaving us to our own devices, never telling us the backline and van were unpaid for… sheessshh!!! .
The last Euro tour was a diaster as well. The shows were great, the crowds were great, the food was amazing.  The booking agency that did the tour gave us zero time to sleep or rest… We went almost a month on 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night.
The grueling schedule was to ensure the money we invested was paid back… The tour was so mis-managed by the booker we lost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, putting the band in to bankruptcy and causing huge internal turmoil.
The band hasn’t toured in almost a year because we are trying to recuperate from the devastating blow. All this because we trusted someone who in the end almost caused the band’s demise.
Ok enough negativity!!!
Europe rules! They love rock n roll! and they love real rock n roll!! I wish america would step up to the plate!

You also opened for ACE FREHLEY in the US. What other bands have you opened for there?

We have opened for Cheap Trick
Toured with Social Distortion
Wednesday 13
Riverboat Gamblers
D Generation
Manitoba (Dictators)
Jesse Malin
Last Vegas
Danko Jones
and more…
Opened for countless bands as well and a lot of headlining tours..

Favourite cities to play in the US?

Favorite US Cities:
New York
Actually i dig em all.

You released a few vinyl records on French label Pop The Balloon Records. How did that happen?
Your first album was hard to find for a long time. What happened? Distribution problems?

Pop The Balloon approached us. Fabien, the owner is a nice guy. There was no distribution for the first album, we just sold them our selves at the merch table, then Pop The Balloon repressed them, so they started poppin’ up again.

You produced The WYLDLIFE’s last album. Do you regularly produce band?

I love to produce records… I try to produce as much as possible. Bands don’t have a lot of money nowadays, so I work for dirt cheap..I’d love to do more.

It seems like a lot of people are getting BITERS tattoos. When did Biters03you first see someone with one? What was your reaction?

The first Biters tattoo I saw was in Atlanta and I was stoked!!! I love it!
I have some band tattoos and the 3 eyed tiger is badass, so why not!!!!!!!???????

Last records you’ve listened to today?

Hey! Hello! (“Black Valentine”)
Ryan Adams (“Rock n Roll”)
Dinos Boys (Last ones)

Last book you’ve read?

The wind up girl, Ace Frehley‘s book, tons of metapsyhical reading…

Last movies you enjoyed?

Gravity… that shit was riveting as fuck!haha
I’m more of a true detective man..
also ,any dystopian sc-fi flick is my jam.

Today is Mardi Gras in France. I saw a pic of you dressed up as an alien somewhere. What costume would you wear today?

I would go as a giant dick, and head butt women all day! jk

I read that people can order “The Last Of a Dying Breed” and give money to animal charities at the same time. Can you tell us about this?

Yes! our new manager has a charity set up so when you buy merch you help animals in need!
That’s one of the reasons that sealed the deal of him working with us..
I am def a huge animal lover and support it fully.

Are you working on a new album? Any idea about what record label would put it out?

WE ARE! We are going to do a full length this year! We have an idea of what label is going to release it. As soon as it happens you’ll be the first to know! haha!