Golem Dance Cult (CD) 2021


Other-ed “Sentient” (CD) 2021

Other-ed “Disruptive Synthetic” (Digital) 2020


Vague Scare “Dissemblance” (Vinyl/CD) 2019


Vague Scare “Classified” (CD) 2017

Vague Scare 200

One Way Ticket “And Life Just Simply Moves Along”(Vinyl) 2017


Sugar Sugaar “Strange Kicks” (CD) 2015


Kevin K & The Kool Kats “Allies” (Vinyl/CD) 2013 (on 6 songs)


Sugar Sugaar “The Sweet Taste of Rock’n’Roll” (EP-CD) 2013 (On 2 songs)


The Dagger Dates “Blood Turns Silver/Dead First” (Digital) 2011

The Dagger Dates

Guttercats “Black Sorrow” (Vinyl/CD) 2011 (On 6 songs)


Sparkling Bombs “Spray Paint Prayers” (CD) 2011

Sparkling Bombs Spray Paint Prayers

Sparkling Bombs “Diamond Skin” (CD) 2006

Sparkling Bombs Diamond Skin

V/A “Illegitimate Spawn” Fuzztones Tribute Album (CD) 2005 (Sparkling Bombs “This Sinister Urge”)

Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn

Sparkling Bombs “Dead Dreams from The Silver Gutter” (CD) 2004

Dead Dreams

Sparkling Bombs “From Bubblegum Fun to Glittered Depression” (EP-CD) 2002

Sparkling Bombs From Bubblegum Fun To Glittered Depression

Bridewell Hospital/Invain “A Split Seven Inch” (Split 7″) 1998

Bridewell Hospital

Sapo/Existence “S/T” (Split 7″) 1997


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