Allies in Rock’n’Roll

Last time, I was telling you how great The DOGS D’AMOUR London show was. Well, this time I’ll tell you a few words about The QUIREBOYS gig in Dijon, France (AKA Mustard Town!) since these two bands were both part of the late 80s/early 90s British glam rock’n’roll revival ; sharing a common love for floral shirts, polka dot scarves, eyeliner, wine and heartbreak songs… The only time I saw The QUIREBOYS live before was a long time ago, at the 1990 Monsters Of Rock in Vincennes (Paris), so I was quite excited to be able to see them again in 2013… Spike and guitarist Guy Griffin 1379668_10152012119569742_1901351225_nare the only two remaining members from the old days, but the new line-up is everything the band needs: a brand new young 70s influenced drummer, and an excellent bass player who mixes the dandy/amish look in the best way ever! Guitarist Paul Guerin (who has been in the band for 10 years now) still does a great job as well … And since The QUIREBOYS wouldn’t be the same without keys/piano, I have to add that Keith Weir rocks! Old classics and new hits worked perfectly well together in the setlist, and the Boys rocked the house in front of something like 100 people (Sunday night…) Some bands just can’t never go wrong! A Beautiful Curse, indeed.

Other than that, I’ll be on tour with KEVIN K this month so there won’t be any big updates before November 24th. Unfortunately, the always stylish Ricky Rat won’t be with us this time and will be missed. We’ll rock as a power trio with Richie Buzz on bass. Here are the dates:

06.11 FR Paris @ Gibus Café
07.11 FR Le Havre @ L’Escale
08.11 FR Beauvais @ Chaudron Baveur
09.11 FR Boulogne sur Mer @ Hijack (acoustic show)
10.11 FR Lille @ Monk’s w/ VIETCONG PORNSURFERS
11.11 BE Brussel @ London Calling w/ NERVOUS SHAKES
14.11 DE Berlin @ Wild At Heart – Record release party
16.11 DE Cottbus @ Gladhouse w/ LORD JAMES
17.11 DE Chemnitz @ Subway to Peter
19.11 AT Wien @ Arena Beisl
22.11 DE Heilbronn @ Bierkrug
23.11 FR Saint Maurice – Colombier @ Baracat’

The new record “Allies” is available on vinyl from Wanda Records.

These last weeks I’ve worked on a couple of dark wave songs with my friend Fred Bold with whom I wrote The DAGGER DATES songs, but since the band doesn’t exist anymore, I don’t know what we’ll do with these songs yet.

Also, check out the SUGAR SUGAAR video if you haven’t yet. This is entirely DIY and pure fun. We should be able to start playing shows in early 2014.


The QUIREBOYS “Beautiful Curse”
LOVE AND ROCKETS “Earth. Sun. Moon”
MICHAEL MONROE “Horns and Halos”


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