The Taikonauts “Mysteriis Alienis Mundi”

TaikonautsIt seems like I hear about a new French surf music band every two weeks these days! The TAIKONAUTS don’t dress as cosmonauts or sci-fi creatures, they chose the classy black and white Reservoir Dogs look instead, but just like most other bands in the style, they use vintage movie samples and probably worship Dick Dale every day before breakfast.
The TAIKONAUTS are not a new band though, they released their first album “Surf Music From Outer Space” 3 years ago, and offer us 14 new instrumental songs that should be able to make you dance all night long, because as good as it is, surf rock is live music before all. The CD comes out in a nice retro/50s sci-fi looking digipack , and the vinyl version probably looks even better!
Track titles such as “S.S. Conspiracy”, “UFO Stomp”, “Fatal Radiation Overdose” or “Mexico Deluxe” should be enough to make you check The TAIKONAUTS out… If you like traditional surf music spiced with modern energy, then you need to get “Mysteriis Alienis Mundi.”/Laurent C.