Squarecrow “B Sides”

coverThis band from San Diego can do magic tricks: They will take you back to the late 90s/early 00s without staying glued to the past. 6 punk rock songs full of guitar melodies/vocal harmonies in a HOT WATER MUSIC/JAWBREAKER way, and choruses made for singalongs (“Dysania”, “Via Cadore.”)
While SQUARECROW sometimes seem to flirt with pop punk/skate punk (“Wayside” -reminding of the great BOSS MARTIANS-, “Colored Red”), you’ll also hear some cool and surprising sunny 60s/mariachi influences in “Barbra” as well as some rockabilly ones in “3 Weeks” that add a lot to the band’s identity.
This is a bit weird that SQUARECROW isn’t more famous, and touring the world right now. Just listen to these songs, and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion./Laurent C.