Damn Dice “Wild ‘N’ Ready” EP

DamnDiceIs there a new new wave of British heavy metal? This definitely sounds like it could be part of it… DAMN DICE (from London) seem to be well aware of it since they are telling you to “Bang Your Head” (not a QUIET RIOT cover) from the start while the guitars are riffin’ hard and the double bass drum is rumbling. Of course, high-pitched vocals and epic guitar solos can be found all over these 6 songs, which should make more than a few metal heads around happy.
80s hard rock influences are obvious on this EP (“Heart On The Run”,”Wild Into The Night”…), some melodies and backing vocals remind me of Welsh glam metal heroes TIGERTAILZ and Alex’s vocals sometimes sound like Kevin Steele (ROXX GANG), but despite this and their looks, the whole thing definitely sounds more heavy metal (in a CRASH DIET/BLACKRAIN way)  than sleaze/glam rock’n’roll. At times, it just sounds like DOKKEN on speed!
I can’t promise that I’d bang my head to this for more than 6 songs, but they do their job right./Laurent C.