Cadaver Club “A Fate Worse Than Life”

CadaverClubCoverHorror rock is quite a large category, but when you think about horror punk, it’s hard to avoid mentionning The MISFITS, and CADAVER CLUB know it well (“I’m Making a Monster, Baby”, “Do You Dig Graves?”…) Although they come from rainy England and describe their music as funeral punk (“The spectacle of ALICE COOPER with the energy of The RAMONES” in their own words), it’s hard not to think about Californian glam punk bands like the PEPPERMINT CREEPS for instance when listening to “Lunatic In Love”, “Dead Air”, “No End To Me” or “My First Hate”. The TRASH BRATS also come to mind at times ( “Vampires Ain’t What They Used To Be”, “Bat Among The Pigeons”.)
In 13 songs coming out in a cool spooky looking digipack, these Mancunian undertakers manage to get you hooked with werewolf anthems (“Lunatic In Love”) and death rockin’ party hits (“Where Dreams Go To Die”, “My Rictus Smile”.) Dressed up in Victorian clothes and corpse paint, they will also surprise you with 50s/60s touches here and there.
Don’t look further, this is THE Halloween 2013 record! As the GROOVIE GHOULIES used to sing, til’ death do us party!/Laurent C.