Daily Noise Club “Rock’n’Roll Fixx”

1005592_547855088585694_1112437470_nThis Hard rock from Bulgaria already released 3 albums, and while I never heard about them before, you can tell that they’ve been playing together for a while from the first minute you hear them. Mixing RHINO BUCKET/D.A.D. hard rock’n’roll to 70s rock influences, DAILY NOISE CLUB delivers 13 songs full of live energy (“Rock’n’Roll Fix”, “The Art Of Art”, “Sunday Morning”, “M.E.X.I.C.O.”…) and heavy, sometimes almost grungy guitar riffs (“Love For A Day”, “Glory Whore”, “Take It As You Like”…)
While a song like “Too Many Bitches To Score” won’t get the award for the most poetic song of the year, this is one of the catchiest ones on this album along with “Everything”. Indeed, despite the obvious qualities of the musicians, the songs often lack this thing that will make them really memorable, but this shouldn’t prevent you from checking DAILY NOISE CLUB if you like dirty alcohol injected hard rock’n’roll./Laurent C.