JJ & The Real Jerks “The Wringer”/”High Anxiety Society” (7″)

JJHASIf you’ve read Veglam these last weeks, then you must be familiar with the name JJ & The REAL JERKS now. After reviewing their new 10″ “Economy Class Ego Trip” and asking them a few questions for an interview, they decided to send me their previous seven inches, so it would be a pity not to write a few words about them.
“The Wringer” (Rankoutsider Records) offers us two songs: a pure gutter rock’n’roll tune (“The Wringer”) with piano, sax and cowbell, and “Shootin’ From The Hip”, a catchy song reminding me of the best of The HELLACOPTERS.
The other record, “High Anxiety Society” is a three song 7″ (transparent vinyl!), and one of them (“Short Term Memory Lane”) has Nick Oliveri (KYUSS/QOTSA) on bass, which makes you wish he’d play in such a rock’n’roll band with killer sax and harmonica. You also get “High Anxiety Society” on the same side, a well sharpened glam punk song with guitars à la Johnny Thunders, and “Punch Out At The Record Shop” on the other side, which is as good as its title!
You still haven’t checked JJ & The REAL JERKS out? Beware, you’ll soon have no excuse… /Laurent C.