Ashtones “… From The Outskirts Of Town”

AshTownThe ASHTONES from Lille, France are not your typical week-end punk rock band. They’re for real and they still do what they do best despite tragedy trying to stop them (two guitar players died in a year…)
Opening with the TURBONEGRO flavoured “Hobo Of Loboten”, The ASHTONES display their natural tendency to slide into the glam punk territory on this album (“Old Junkie Two-Step”, “Street Credibility”, “Teenage Hunting”) and even add some 60s garage guitars (“Legend (You Think I Am”) when needed. This doesn’t mean that they stopped playing high-energy punk’n’roll and 77 punk songs (“Howlin’ Degenarate”) , this especially shows at the end of the album with songs like “Toxic Troopers” or “Undefinite Monster Crew” and “Monkey On Yer Back” (quite of a TURBONEGRO touch here too!)
Just admit that “… From The Outskirts Of Town” should be on your punk rock’n’roll buy list./Laurent C.
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