V/A “Roots! Riot! Rumble!”

riotrumble13021 years is a long time for an independent record label in this day and age. To celebrate this, Wolverine Records released this 26 song compilation.
You’ll get some punk rock (DIRTBOX DISCO, DRONGOS FOR EUROPE, FIGHTBALL, TOMMY GUN, STRAWBERRY BLONDES…), some psychobilly (KITTY IN A CASKET, 6 FEET DOWN, BONSAI KITTEN, The P.O.X., The SILVER SHINE…), some rockabilly (ADRIANO BATOLBA ORCHESTRA, CRY BABIES covering The RAMONES ‘ “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”, JENNY & The STEADY GO’S…) and a bit of glam punk (MATT VOODOO offering us a cool cover of DRAMARAMA’s classic “Anything, Anything, Anything” and MIKE ZERO)
Honestly, 26 songs is definitely too much for me (and I’m not too familiar with psychobilly for instance!), but you can only support the whole thing. Moreover, it’s sold for cheap!./Laurent C.