Rats & Dogs

RRpackI’ve been a bit slow on updates these last weeks, but I have a good excuse since I was on tour with ex-Trash Brats’ Ricky Rat. This was the second time we toured together as the Euro Ricky Rat Pack, featuring Alby Medusa (Jackie Rose – Italy) on bass and this time Sickyy Lyo (Sugar Sugaar – France) on guitar since Max -who was with us last year- was in the US. The band sounded pretty good, thanks to everyone who put up a show or came and see us at these fine locations!:

04/04/13 FR BESANCON – Les Passagers Du Zinc
05/04/13 FR STRASBOURG – Mudd Club
06/04/13 DE HEILBRONN – Red River
07/04/13 BE BRUSSELS – Rock Classic
08/04/13 FR LILLE – Monk’s
10/04/13 CH USTER – Star Club
11/04/13 CH GENEVE – Le Cabinet (acoustic show)
12/04/13 FR LYON – Les Capucins
13/04/13 FR NÎMES – Fox Taverne
14/04/13 FR MONTPELLIER-Le Mojomatic
16/04/13 IT GROSSETO – Quartiere Latino
17/04/13 IT MODENA – Circolo II Mattaoio
19/04/13 IT ROLO – Sinners Reunion Pub
20/04/13 IT BOLOGNA – Freak Out Club

So, I’m now trying to catch up with the album reviews because going on tour doesn’t prevent people from sending their music. Moreover, I always get a few albums along the road too. People who sent vinyl records get reviewed first of course, then CDs and finally the shitty mp3 files (though I must admit I only pick a few out of them, so many bands send them nowadays…)
Last February, I went to see The Dogs D’Amour classic line-up reunion in London (the only time I saw them before was when they opened for the Alice Cooper tour in 2001 with Shane from Bubble/Vixen on bass), and I wasn’t disappointed! It definitely was one of these nights with a special atmosphere and a scent from the good old days!DDAmour The band played all their hits and classics and sounded just like on the albums! These 2 hours just seemed like half an hour to me (and God knows I usually hate bands that play for more than one hour!) Everyone in the band seemed happy to play and the Dogs left a ton of smiles on the international audience faces of a sold-out Borderline club (It was the second night.) This got me to think that one of the reasons why I usually don’t like long concerts is probably because bands nowadays just don’t have enough good songs… Today, it’s really easy to make an album (some of you probably remember the demo tape days, when recording an album was a real achievement, “they made it”!), but it’s also very difficult to write a good song. Most albums released in the last 15 years have 2, 3, or at best 4 good songs on them… But hey! I’m not totally on the bitter side yet! Just look at my playlist for these last weeks and you’ll find some amazing stuff to listen to!

David Bowie “The Next Day”
Giuda “Racey Roller”
The Dogs D’Amour “Cyber Recordings 2013”
Wyldlife “The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll”
Billy Miles Brooke “All Dressed Up… and Nowhere to Go”
Jonny Cola & The A-Grades “Straight To Video/Marlborough Road”


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