Alley Sin “Wildheart” EP

AlleySin-new-cover-singleThis new EP from Bulgarian gutter rock’n’rollers ALLEY SIN offers us 3 new songs: “Wildheart” which sounds a bit as if NASHVILLE PUSSY had more 70s influences in their hard and heavy rock’n’roll, the killer “Dead Girl” (just imagine the NY DOLLS on speed!), and the punked-up “Shut Up Bitch!” that was recorded in 2010.
After a few releases, ALLEY SIN still manages to take the best of hard rock’n’roll and glam punk, mix it, give it to you, and leave you wanting more. But guess what!? There will be a new album including “Wildheart” and “Dead Girl” released in 2013!/Laurent C.

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Zombie Dandies “S/T” (Demo)

ZombieDandiesThis is a new young band from France that recorded their demo the good old DIY way.
Even though their name could make you think that they are just another WEDNESDAY 13 clone among others, The ZOMBIE DANDIES are more influenced by early 80s glam metal, punk rock and heavy metal (“Kiss My Boots”.) “Girls & Whisky” is quite refreshing in a CRÜE “Too Fast For Love” era way and “Addicted” reminds me of WRATHCHILD (UK), which is all positive in my book. Sure, The ZOMBIE DANDIES still need to work on their songs, but I like the spirit. /Laurent C.

The Crazy Squeeze “S/T”

crazysqueezecoverLet’s talk about the concept of “supergroup.” While getting musicians who were successful in their former bands together often creates a lot of hope, we can only admit that the result of their united talents is sometimes quite disappointing.
So, I have to let you know about how disapointed I was when I listened to that album which I really tried to get into (I listened to it many times) and that will never find favour with me.
Ok, the album cover is quite original and the picture of the foursome in their nice looking clothes is rather good, but is it enough to satisfy any rock’n’roll fan? Well, it isn’t for me at least. You might think that you don’t need to hear my opinion and that I’m not the right person to talk about musicians that are loved by many people, so I still can question myself about it and admit I’m wrong if somebody can convince me.
Before ending this, I have a question I’m dying to ask: Am I really the only one who hated the Jerusalem Slim album that was released in 1992?
As I already mentionned above, good musicians getting together is not always quality guarantee, but sometimes the alchemy works and as an example, you’ll find the best guns from The Stitches, Teenage Frame, and The Richmond Sluts in The Crazy Squeeze gang.
Pure Rock N’ Roll, pure Glam, pure Punk, Glam Punk and a little pop touch, this is the secret to get successful (as well as a couple of covers and guests) for Johnny Witmer & friends when they decide to satisfy their listeners, and believe me, they’re not fakin’ it!
So, here I am with a must-have in my hands. The icing on the cake is the very original cover art, and the foursome photo in their good looking clothes is the capital gain of this album that I can’t stop listening to./Franckie.

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Bitch Queens “Suck It Up!”

Suck_It_UP-CoverTURBONEGRO fans might have felt a bit disoriented with the new album/singer, but on the other hand it seems like the remaining Apocalypse Dudes still have a lot of fans among which you’ll find BITCH QUEENS from Switzerland. Songs like “Burnin’ Up” or “Ain’t Good Enough” could have been on any post “Ass Cobra” TURBONEGRO records.
The limit with being a tribute band is sometimes thin, but BITCH QUEENS manage to sound more personal on songs like “Does It Get To You”, “Wipeout Kids” or “Suck It Up.” There’s also some DANKO JONES in “Hot Shot”, so these 6 songs should make all of you Turbojugend/punk’n’roll fans happy for Christmas!/Laurent C.