The Leeches “Underwater”

Italian punk rockers and food lovers The LEECHES are back with a new album produced by legendary producer Daniel Rey (RAMONES, The MISFITS, etc.) Drawing the perfect line between bands like The ADOLESCENTS, ANGRY SAMOANS and hard rockin’ punk like TURBONEGRO or The DICTATORS, The LEECHES have naturally found their style through 10 years or so and here, songs like “Piranha Boys” or “Feelin’ Alright Tonight” already sound as classics!
Melodic guitars, rockin’ beats and choruses to make you sing along are rarely a bad mix for a rock band, and there’s no doubt that “Vanilla Coke” or “Too Hungry To Pray” will make the LEECHES crowds go wild before their stage diving session to the up tempo songs (“Stop The Clock”, “My Life.”) The LEECHES can’t deny the strong ADOLESCENTS influence on a song like “Nothing At All”, but they do it so well, it would be a pity to hide it! This being said, they will surprise you too with their BLUE OYSTER CULT cover “ME-262.” This decibel flood ends with “Into The Storm”, a great melodic song that only confirms that “Underwater” is one of the best punk rock records of the year!/Laurent C.