Here goes the summer…

It’s been quite a weird summer here, going from no summer at all to a crazy heatwave, and back to no summer again. Anyway, I didn’t plan on goin’ with the flow and escape where the sun and girls in bikini are.
I had a lot to do with this new version of the website, a copy & paste hell! But it really needed some change in its form and content.
Other than that, I got back to the drum kit and recorded a couple of songs in Fribourg, Switzerland for Sugar Sugaar, a new band you should check out if you like the Stones, Tom Petty, Andy McCoy… It was quite an experience to go there, play some songs I’ve never played before 2 or 3 times before recording them with some people I’ve never played with…
I’m now getting ready to leave for the Kevin K tour with Ricky Rat on guitar and Ritchie Buzz on bass, and this is going to be something too as Kevin and Ricky land off in Paris in the morning on September 6th and we have a show in the evening. Let’s call it Rock’n’Roll!
Here are the dates:

09/06. FRANCE – Paris @ La Féline
09/07. FRANCE – Lannion @ Les Valseuses
09/08. FRANCE – Rennes @ Mondo Bizarro
09/09. FRANCE – Honfleur @ Le Batolune w/SIMON CHAINSAW
09/10. FRANCE – Besançon @ Les Passagers du Zinc
09/11. SUISSE – Genève @ L’Ecurie
09/12. FRANCE – St Etienne @ Thunderbird
09/13. FRANCE – Albi @ Le Jour de Fête
09/14. FRANCE – Périgueux @ L’Ecume des Jours
09/15. FRANCE – Mont de Marsan @ Théâtre du Péglé
09/17. FRANCE – Roquefort @ Locaux Asso AIAA
09/19. SPAIN – Vila Real @ Japan Rock Club
09/20. SPAIN – Alcala de Henares @ Ego Live
09/21. SPAIN – Madrid @ El Sol w/THE CYNICS
09/22. FRANCE – Nîmes @ Café Olive
09/23. FRANCE – Montpellier @ TBA

Summer is usually a good time for reading books. On my side, it started with Duff McKagan’s autobiography It’s So Easy – and Other Lies and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve always liked the man and musician. Guns N’ Roses have always been about Duff and Izzy to me.
In this book, Duff tells us his history from his youth in Seattle to the debauchery days of GNR in Los Angeles and all around the world. I already knew the guy could write as I read a few of his columns for Seattle Weekly online, so it was another reason why I wanted to read this book. Unlike many of his fellow 80s rockstars, Duff never tries to build up his own legend by glorifying his use of drugs or alcohol, or telling us how cool he was. He tells us how things where, gives us the facts and lets us know how he dealt with them in all honesty. Sport, books, studies and his family and will helped him to get healthy again and this is also great to read about all of this.
If you’re a big Guns N’ Roses fan, you might not learn that much about the band in this book, but you’ll sure learn about Duff as a human being…
In a very different style, my summer ended with a novel, The Religion (Tim Willocks), an epic Holy War historical fiction taking place in 1565 in Malta and Sicily. This is quite spectacular to read in a Conan The Barbarian way!
Ok, enough talking, now back to rollin’!

The Cult “Choice Of Weapon”
Kevin K “Tour Setlist”!
Rowland S. Howard “Teenage Snuff Film”
Eddie & The Hot Rods “Life On The Line”
Ulterior “Wild In Wildlife”
Suicide Bombers “Criminal Record”


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