The Revolvers (2001)

When we finished the interview with AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, we decided to go and say goodbye to The REVOLVERS who were sleeping in the same hotel. I wanted them to give me their email address so that I could send them some questions later because it was already half past three in the morning ! But they seemed to prefer live interviews, we were really tired and they were drunk, so the interview is quite short and chaotic! ūüôā

Have you enjoyed the show tonight ?
Uwe : Yes, it was a little bit like Electric Light Orchestra tonight.

Tobias : Something was missing because our second guitarist is not there at the moment and, for us it’s really like something is missing in the unit. It’s a sad story because he suffers from cancer but it’s curable. It’s his third chemotherapy an maybe he can join us on saturday.

What’s the difference between The HAPPY REVOLVERS and The REVOLVERS ?
Uwe : The line-up and maybe the sound, now it’s a little bit faster and a little bit harder. Our lyrics are also a little bit more political.

Tobias : Yes, now we speak more about problems with yourself.

Uwe : And things like fascism and stuff like that. You know, when I go through the town, I always have the same kind of problems…so, that’s what we’re singing about now. The lyrics are more “street lyrics”.

Tobias : Yes, but the old spirit is still there, the energy is the same.

Uwe : Now we’re more like a group, not like a boy group. There was more fashion and styling in The HAPPY REVOLVERS. now, we’re more like a punk band.

Don’t you play “tragedy” anymore ?
Uwe : No…

Tobias : Maybe we’ll do it again.

Uwe : This song is about the MANIC STREET PREACHERS guitar player. The lyrics are about him and it’s dedicated to him. I wrote these lyrics when I was totally pissed… There’s nothing to do with the things we do now.

Tobias : I like this song.

Uwe : Maybe we’ll play it tomorrow (laughs.)

It seems like you have many influences from punk rock to glam… What kind of bands do you listen to these days ?

Tobias : Right now I’m listening to AMERICAN HEARTBREAK. It’s not like they’re my idols or something but, it’s just good music and it brings glam pop punk back to life, it’s like The NEW YORK DOLLS and all these old bands who created this sound. Now, there’s a new wave coming with new bands growing up, new people who start this thing again. For myself, this is very interesting.

Uwe : For me too, but I also like ANGELIC UPSTARTS, CRASS, German punk like SLIME or The TARGETS…

Uwe : Yeah ! JINGO DE LUNCH. now the singer is living in Canada.

Tobias : No, it’s Texas. She’s living there in a farm.

Uwe : I’m not so much into glam punk anymore. I like stuff like DOGS D’AMOUR and The HEARTBREAKERS, a little bit of AMERICAN HEARTBREAK but it’s not where we come from, we come from the old punk stuff.

Flo : I think we neither make too much glam rock, nor punk rock. We’re in between.

What are your projects ?
Uwe : We are just a project now (laughs.)

Tobias : There will come a new full length in autumn.

On which label ?
Tobias : People Like You records.

Uwe : Hey ! Look at us, it’s like the John Lennon/Yoko Ohno interview (laughs.)

Tobias : Yeah, we’ve been having sex together for two weeks right now (laughs.)

Uwe : Let’s talk about peace and love (laughs.)

Tobias : Is the interview live on TV ? (laughs.) (Veglam Zine : cause one of my friend had a camera.)