Pink Grease “Mechanical Heart”

Sheffield’s electro-glam band PINK GREASE were my favourite 2005 band (though their first album “This Is For Real” (Mute records) was actually released in 2004. The band really managed to mix the best of 80s new wave to 70s glam rock with fresh energy and style on “This Is For Real”.
This second album “Mechanical Heart” was planned for a 2006/2007 release but various record label problems made it all different and the record was sadly never officially released. Very sad indeed, especially when you get the chance to listen to killer songs like “Alien”, “Carlights”, “Right With You”, “Never Darken”, “Climax Pt. 2”, or very personal ones like the disco dark wave “Distraction” or the electro epic punk song “Ordinary Girl”.
The band also shows his more experimental side on “Solid” for instance but never gets annoying to listen to. Whether you like DEVO, BLONDIE, HANOI ROCKS or just all of them, you will find something for you in these 12 songs. These last few years, many bands tried the electro-glam thing but failed, lacking real good songs or soul and this makes the difference with PINK GREASE.
I also had the chance to get the “Fever” single on both CD (including two unreleased songs: “Shiver” and “2003” which actually is an electro remix of their song “Pink G.R.EASE”) and vinyl (with the incredible “Killer Killer” as a B-side) to complete my collection. There’s so many boring bands around, it all became too safe… The world needs more PINK GREASE!/Laurent C.

Sour Jazz “American Seizure”

DO THE POP….BLAH BLAH BLAH INC.These achingly swank New York Rockers worship at the Alter Of Osterberg, and make no bones about it. “Lost For Life”…”No Values”…”American Seizure”….the old, Iggy-related yuks just never get stale for this die-hard gang of unrepentant Pop-fetishists. Their love of all things Iggy goes much deeper than their Loreal blue/black hair-dye. Iggy’s legacy of wisecrackin’ exhibitionism, high mischief, and remorseless pleasure-seeking left a big green and blue, garish, dragon tattoo on the collective psyche of SOUR JAZZ. Some say they’ve spent the last decade making the records Iggy should have been makin’, himself, instead of trollin’ around the festival circuit, with those rap-metal leeching delinquents, prior to the STOOGES reunion. Many of you might know Sour Jazz guitarist, MISTER Ratboy as the musical muscle behind the much loved, Hollywood cult-band, Motorcycle Boy. OR, perhaps, you remember his cool, early nineties New York punk band, PILLBOX, with Canadian crooner, Chris Barry, formerly of 39 Steps, presently starring in Throbbing Purple. If so, you already know what a rock’n’roll genius the World Famous MR. Ratboy is. He makes it all look so easy, too. Rat is one of the most highly-functional people I’ve ever known, effortlessly generating a million innovative variations on the classic “New Values” theme. Influenced by prog rock, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Johnny Thunders, and the Doors, his solo album, “A Gift From Mister Ratboy” was one of the little known masterpieces of the grunge years, he evidences no hang-ups, addictions, or emotional problems…He maintains this band from Japan, where he’s got a straight-job, family to support, and a side project, like all the Dads of Sour Jazz.
Remarkably, in this dreary age, of Wall Street greed and Trust Funded, Spin Magazine, Actress/Model gimmick bands, that all drone and brag and drain and bore…where the Big-Media monopolies insist “Rock Is Dead”, SOUR JAZZ somehow, self-finance these startlingly potent, clever, important, and often DANCEABLE, progressive-primitive, rock’n’roll records, year after year. This is house-party music to get drunk and twist to. Mister Ratboy is easily as original, and distinctive as a guitarist, as any legendary stylist you might name, from Kim Salmon, to Brian James. Robbie Krieger, or Andy McCoy. It will be interesting, indeed, to discover how the much-anticipated STOOGES line-up with James Williamson, will stack up next to Sour Jazz.
Bassist, Cowboy, is one of the quickest wits I’ve ever brushed with, a real diamond geezer, as they say in the coffee-shops, who knows absolutely everything there is to know about “real rock’n’roll”, and sometimes moonlights as a member of the NYC incarnation of the Kevin K. Band. Drummer, Splatrick Action, comes to us by way of Martin’s Folly, a top-notch NY band, best known for their Ian Hunter collaboration. One sympathizes most with singer, Lou ‘Mister Popular” Paris, because he’s at quite a disadvantage here: endeavoring to get his own voice across, in the context of a band this IGGY-obsessed. It would appear, however, that Lou’s as Ig-obsessed as the rest, and all his good-natured jokes and lyrical anecdotes do remind you of vintage Iggy. Lou Paris collaborated with Cheetah Chrome, post-Deadboys. He seems perfectly suited to help deliver Ratboy’s rock’n’roll master-plan to the masses. We, here at Veglam, are currently in negotiations with the Acetate Records Press Department, trying to bring you glamsters an in-depth interview with the World Famous Mister Ratboy, in an attempt to finally get some insight into the internet rumors and speculation that Morrissey’s latest single, “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”, is some kind of message to Sour Jazz heart-throb, Lou. He’s currently citing time limitations, and day-job restraints, in a thinly-veiled attempt to dodge the whole “Paris” controversy, but in the meantime, we CAN refer you to the funny, recent interview with Sour Jazz bass-player/Lower Manhattan fashion-plate, Cowboy, over at http://www.punkglobe.comWHY DON’T YOU OWN THIS RECORD, YET?
Sour Jazz make krazy, kustom, kool, throbbing rock’n’roll for real rock’n’rollers, with special guest appearances by Jim Jones and Tracie Hunter! THE PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOUR SULKING, ILL TEMPERED, PUNK SNOB, LOVED ONE, WHO HATES PRETTY MUCH ALL POPULAR MUSIC MADE AFTER 1990. GET THIS NOW!!!

(-Anguish Young)

The Batusis “S/T” EP

“New York City’s Such A Whore!” (-Electric Frankenstein)ATTN CITIZENS: Speaking as someone who got chased out of public schools for dressing alot like Karen O, at her splashiest, way back in the mid-eighties, I can tell ya, not just anyone can rock the Raggedy Andy look, and “Make It Work”, like Sylvain Sylvain. He’s the only guy I ever saw wearing the “one armed bandit” style, half-sleeveless, leather jacket, and with the personality to carry it off! Not to mention the umbrella hat, or all those kooky jump-suits with lemon piping and eight-inch platform heels he wore before Kiss. When me, and Gunfire Dance, and the Throbs, and Mister Ratboy all started wearing those velvet newsboy caps, in the flash metal era, who but SYLVAIN had already integrated the Little Rascals look into rock’n’roll? Even THE OSMONDS used to copy Sylvain’s crazy looks.
In addition, to cutting quite a dash throughout the decades, and introducing so many styles, and sounds, inventing the fads, and setting the trends, SYLVAIN SYLVAIN has been at the heart of every significant “movement” of the real rock’n’roll era. Heck, the notorious Sex Pistols manager even swindled their best guitar offa, who else, but Sylvain. The NY Dolls have meant so much, to so many. From Morrissey, and the punks, to the drag queens, to the Hair-metallers. Their fans are like a big dysfunctional family-true bohemians, poseurs, junkies, aristocracy, gutter bums, and socialites. The Dolls and their fans are obviously, the “OUR GANG” of rock’n’roll.
I was only two, or three, when the Dolls were getting together, but as a pre-teen, in the early eighties, they made such a big impression on me. Vividly, I recall being just captivated by Alice Cooper in his Wonder Woman t-shirt and silver sequined trousers in the “I’m Eighteen” video, Iggy’s platinum panther “Raw Power” look, Bowie, and all those Dolls album sleeves. Yeah, they only had two studio l.p.’s, but by the time, my rock dreams started blossoming, there were loads of repackaged, reissues, and bootlegs, etc. It was a good decade before I got a hold of Nina’s first Thunders book, so it was mostly old ROCK SCENES and CREEMS, we’d find at garage sales and flea markets. Even the record stores just had stacks of ’em, in boxes, for like a quarter each-there was no internet, and the record store owners weren’t as obnoxiously greedy, back then. I didn’t have no videos of ’em, for years, until someone finally started circulating that dodgy “Live In A Dolls House” VHS tape, so I just stared and stared at the album covers, and waited for my chance to split for Manhattan. I remember when I was young, people wanted to kill me for being a Dolls fan, and that tended to really bond me to my fellow travelers, the other true believers, misfits, jetboys, and rock’n’rollers, who were few and far between, out here in rural, fly-over country….so when I moved to the city, and I initially encountered some less-than-kind people who were flyin’ the Dolls colors, I was really actually shocked for a long while. All the Dolls people I’d ever known, previously, were soul brothers, you understand. It STILL gets in my crawl, sometimes, to see one of those vapid, mainstream, television bimbos, wearing a Dolls t-shirt. Sylvain was one of the few people I confided in, when one of my most beloved family members died, and I was absolutely shattered by it. He innately understood. He’s probably the friendliest rockstar who ever lived. Totally a fan, at heart. Humble, generous, genuine, with a hit wit. Everything you’d want him to be.
After delivering two near-perfect comeback platters with a reconstituted NY DOLLS, Steve Conte and Sam Yaffa have joined the Dolls influenced Michael Monroe, to continue their against the wind campaign to bring back true rock’n’roll without permission, David Johansen’s been doing some bluesy solo gigs, and Saint Sylvain’s joined forced with the kamikaze guitar punk, Cheetah Chrome, and various members of “Electric”-era The Cult and the Blackhearts, wowing life-long fans, currently touring all over the nation as THE BATUSIS.
Cheetah Chrome is the embodiment of wildass rock’n’roll, like Lemmy, or Keef. There’s only one Cheetah Chrome, y’know? It’s hard for me to even discuss what Cheetah and Stiv meant to this Catholic School expulsion, it’s like trying to soundbite the book that first captured your imagination and made you leave home, to seek out a freer existence, unhindered by witch-hunting, tv-watching, hate-radio programmed, flag waving, Wal-Mart shopping, video-game playing, McDonald’s worshipping, suburban nazis and smalltown hard-on authoritarians. It’s like talking about your kids or grandparents-no frivolous matter, something we only talk about as dawn approaches with our tightest amigos.
The Hat Brothers 45 of “Still Wanna Die”. “Here Comes Trouble”. That Ghetto Dogs e.p. on swirly colored vinyl directly resulted in at least one of my own junkyard drunk bands.
“USED TO BE FUN” just SLAYS me: “Kids don’t hang out on the corners no more-they’ve all gone inside…” It’s like Stiv’s “King Of The Brats”, Tom Wait’s “Hold On”, Lazy Cowgirls “Somewhere Down The Line”, Steve Earle’s “Livin’ In The Motherfuckin’ U.S.A.”, or Dee Dee Ramone’s “Poison Heart”. One of those songs that just said EVERYTHING to me.
Cos it used to be FUN. The BATUSIS e.p. sounds exactly like you think it should. If you are too stuck on Johnny Thunders to buy the New New York Dolls records, there’s a good chance you ain’t heard nothin’ this primo since the Waldos “Rent Party”, or the Humpers “Positively Sick On Fourth Street”. Remember how ON FIRE Electric Frankenstein were, in the early days, with Steve Miller? “It’s All Moving Faster”, or the Bobby No More-inspired, “Demolition Joyride”? The Batusis got that same crunchy, ferocious, effortlessly badass, streetpunk down to a science, this is Cheetan and Syl, it just emanates from their core, they have to try really hard to NOT ROCK, so, instantly, you think of how so few groups can do this type of music, authoritatively, anymore…There’s Silver from Norway…that first Stereo Junks e.p. from Finland was pretty good….but mostly, all ya ever hear is that trendy, third-rate, Strokes/Bomb Turks/Hives/Stripes wanna-be, middle-class, poseur, gutless shit that rarely comes within 100 miles of the Batusis’ soul and truth.
It’s funny that they open with “Blue’s Theme” from the “Wild Angels” soundtrack, cos the dangerous biker Vietnam Vet that adopted me and my childhood guitarist, as kids, and who is responsible for all of my unforgivable, G.G. Allin style tattoos, just loves dat tune.
Second song reminds you of Keith Richards, with the slasher riffs, and Johnny Johnson/Ian McLagan/Greg Kuehn style piano pounding, courtesy of Monsieur Mizrahi.
“What You Lack In Brains” reminds me of this baffled blonde I used to know, who had me, the singer of Buck Cherry, J.C. from N’Synch, and a violent Weiland clone with no money and a bad temper, all on her speed dial, and just couldn’t decide…Funny, cool, reminds me of Syl’s solo albums.
“Bury You Alive” is Cheetah protest punk, shades of Stiv. Three chords and a grudge, two fingers in the air, a pox upon the oil barons, torture mongers, secret police, media-monopolizing, murderous, fortunate son, global elite, false flag, prison building, propaganda pimping, Constitution shredding, taser-wielding, thug-financing, austerity bringing, police state shysters who contentedly enslave kids in Wal-Mart swet-shops, contaminate the food supply with G.M.O.’s, pollute the skies with geo-engineering experiments, destroy the Gulf, bust unions, stir-up phony racial divisions, and occupy poor people all over the planet for Fun and Profit. It’s about how nationalism is just power-hunger, tempered by self-deception. ‘Makes you wanna watch “Democracy Now”. Bator would be very proud.
“Big Cat Stomp” is one of those sleazy instrumentals only oldschool motherfuckers like these BATUSIS can successfully bring to life. Right The Fuck On. Come On, Commissioner Gordon! To the Bat Signal!(-Anguish Young)

The Factory “S/T”

I love surprises. At least when they have something to do with music.
If life would have followed its course like it should have been, then we would be celebrating the 20th anniversary of The FACTORY’s first album. The now famous band. But fate had to say something and the band’s recordings were never used and forgotten without any explanation.
These fantastic songs have now been remastered thanks to Acetate Records’ boss and are finally out for the joy of us all. I can imagine that their original fans now feel like those gold prospectors who finally find a beautiful nugget deep down in some sandy water after the scarcity years. I know how they feel, ’cause The FACTORY’s music, inherited from the STONES and the DOLLS is just magic.
I love surprises and this album is a beautiful one./Franckie.

Poison “Poison’d”

Already 20 years ! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long… I can clearly remember when I first saw the video for “Cry Tough” on TV and then rushed to the record store to buy the LP. I’m sure I’m not the only one remembering these days when your thrash metal school friends were making fun of you for loving such a bubblegum rock’n’roll band in full make-up. POISON went through different phases since their early glam days but still remained to stay themselves though they had their share of band problems, inner fights, highs and lows through the years. To celebrate this anniversary, the band decided to record some of their favourite rock covers with the help of famous producer Don Was. It’s great to see that the first three tracks on this CD are all songs by original glam rock artists (“Little Willy” by The SWEET, “Suffragette City” by DAVID BOWIE and “I Never Cry” by ALICE COOPER, a song that particularly sounds good with Bret Michael’s voice.) The band didn’t forget to pay tribute to classic rock heroes such as The ROLLING STONES (“Dead Flowers”), The WHO (“Squeeze Box”), TOM PETTY & The HEARTBREAKERS (“I Need To Know”) or The CARS (“Just What I Needed”.) Fans already knew about “Rock’N Roll All Night” (KISS) or “Your Mama Don’t Dance” (LOGGINS & MESSINA) but it’s nice to have them on this record which can be considered not only as a celebration but also as POISON’s ultimate cover song collection to this day. Most covers on here are not that different from the original versions but POISON really managed to make them their own, you can only think “this is POISON!” when you first hear them. In these days of hair band revival, this CD will probably help POISON to reach the top of the bill again especially in the US since they will be on tour with RATT and WHITE LION this summer for more than 50 dates!… And as their GRAND FUNK RAILROAD cover says, they’re an American band, aren’t they? 20 years and I’m still POISONed! /Laurent C.

Semi Precious Weapons “We Love You”

“I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous!”… I’m sure a lot of glam people could relate to this at some point in their life!
We always think about Los Angeles when we think about American glam bands, but how could anyone forget about the NEW YORK DOLLS or more recently the TOILET BOYS? Well, SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS is the much needed band putting back NY on the glam map! Forget about the boring arty indie bands the media is trying to force on you, this is the new exciting band you’ve been waiting for!
While the MANICS were screaming in style “You Love Us”, SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS answer in decadent elegance “We Love You” with the help of legendary executive producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T-Rex, Morrissey…) The band put a bit of wild garage rock and early AC/DC in their sexy flamboyant glam rock in which you’ll also find a bit of a Hedwig feel and a little blues dose.
Singles like “Magnetic Baby”, “Her Hair Is On Fire” or “Semi Precious Weapons” will make you dance in high heels until your make-up fades away while you’ll be able to put more lipstick and dark eye-shadow on before crying glitter tears on the slower emotional songs like “Bleed To Heal”, “Genius” or “Time Zones”.
SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS were able to play in England and France thanks to Justin Tranter (vocals)’s home made jewelry. How cool is that? “That’s Kunt” in their own words.
And since “Rock’n’ Roll” Never Looked So Beautiful”, I personally can’t wait to see the band live and I’ll join NEW YORK DOLLS’ Steve Conte in saying “SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS are my new favourite band!”./Laurent C.

Trashcan Darlings “Real Fucking Make-Up”

“Real Fucking Make-Up”!… That’s what the back of my TRASHCAN DARLINGS shirt says and no need to tell you that it already amused more than a few people in the past especially when I was wearing it in the US! Ironically, I remember that some guy from Norway came and talk to me in a record store in Los Angeles because he recognized the shirt! We’ve been following the TRASHCAN DARLINGS for a long time now, but I’m still getting happy every time I’m get something new from them! This is a A+B side and rarities compilation starting with the 5 song CD “Gore Gore Boys & Splatter Pussies” and its classics such as the self-destructive glam punk anthem “I Just Wanna Die (On A Chemical High)”, the glammy “Angel Lost”, one of my favourite DARLINGS song or the punked-up “Johnny Is A Drag Queen” with its SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK guitar gimmicks. It’s great to also be able to find the B-side of “Johnny Is A Drag Queen”, a pure Chuck Berry style rock’n’roll song called “Barbed Wire Boogie”! You’ll also find the “Holiday In My Head” EP with its fantastic self-titled song. “Criminal Porn” is another song I didn’t ear before, a cool rock’n’roll tune with a catchy glitter punk chorus. If you already have the “Tunes From The Trashcan” CD, you’ll find an unreleased version of “Electric Vampires” with new wavish synth, and I must say that it goes well with the song. Then if you had the “10 Years Of Trash” DVD and wondered why the song “European Suicide Bombers” was not appearing on any CD before, then here is a live version for you! There’s also a speed-up demo version of “Bad Reputation” and 5 previously unreleased tracks that will satisfy those who already had most of the songs: “Fed Up”, a classic TRASHCAN DARLINGS glam punk hit that I liked a lot when listening to it on their MySpace page, so much that I had to listen to it again and again until I got this CD; “Intergalactic Silence”, a ballad that will bring silver glitter and DOLLS images to your mind ; “22 & Trash”, a song that I’ve loved live; “No Fun Without You”, a killer track with great melody and a bit of a Californian glam metal feel and one of the first songs of the band: “Low Dancing Girl”. A die-hard fan like me could complain about the absence of “Tumble With Me” (HOLLYWOOD BRATS cover), “Tragedy” (HANOI ROCKS cover) or “Yesterday’s Fools” (Revolvers cover) but it probably has something to do with copyrights… Or maybe the band is planning to release a cover CD some day? I should add that this CD has a cool colourful cartoonesque cover and a great booklet with notes and pics, which is always a plus in this downloading age. So this new CD is a perfect occasion to get all these rarities you were looking for or just hear new stuff from our favourite Norwegian DARLINGS!/Laurent C.

The Soda Pop Kids “Teen Pop Dream”

If I got the band’s approach to this new album well, than I would say that this is about mixing in a subtle way 70s glam with 50s rock’n’roll. It’s a bit like imagining the SODA POP KIDS sneaking into SLADE’s dressing room to steal their clothes before going for a jam with Marty McFly at the Enchantment Under The Sea. Radical change? Not really because even if the punk fever that the SODA POP KIDS had on “Write Home” went down a little bit, the after-effects of this disease that hasn’t been cured very well make of “Teen Bop Dream” a various album that is just amazing. More singings than screams (with class!) this time, these new songs will carry you away with the help of female backing vocals that sound really good.10 little euphoriant pills that will take you high and make Chuck’s suits, Little Richard’s moustache and Brian Connolly’s platform boots turn up around your head… I would naturally think that the talented writer Diet D! is the essential piece of this rock’n’roll machinery, but I can’t think of another way for him to express his talent since there’s such a rare cohesion in this band. This is an obvious 5 piece puzzle even though it wasn’t probably that easy to put them together at first. Don’t make the mistake of not getting this new work of our Portland brats, a “Teen Bop Dream” that makes me think about a Coke bubble spilt on the corner of a bar : a bunch of sparkly, energic, sweet little bubbles that are deteriorating the paint, leaving a trace that you will never be able to clean off… /Franckie.