The Barabarellatones

Tranni cryptic rock’n’roll from space? Glam goth’n’roll from sunny California? The BARBARELLATONES are hard to describe but listening to their new album « Interview With a Vampire » made us want to know more about them. Robbie answered our questions.

Can you introduce the band ?

My studio band is me (Robbie Quine) on electric sitar, guitar, bass, vocals, Dave dagger on drums and Joe vant on lead guitar, and Peter DiStefano from Porno For Pyros/Peter Murphy on lead guitar on some trax. My live band here in Hawaii is Hillary Marsh on guitar, Alan Jackson on Bass and Dave Dagger on drums with me on sitar/vocals.

Your new album is called “Interview With A Vampire”, is there any concept behind it? Are you aware of the existence of the band/artist called Glampire?

I have been a glam/goth dude for a long-ass time! So I’ve been calling myself a glampire since the 80’s. I know there is an artist called Glampire, but in Hollywood it’s a common term. I feel that one thing glam and goth have in common is that they are both erotic forms of rock and androgynous.

What are your musical influences? Seems like David Bowie has had a big influence on you, am I wrong?

My influences are pretty obvious…Bowie! I also love The Cramps, The Velvet Underground, The Seeds, T-Rex, the list goes on and on!

Speaking of influences, there?s a lot of “movie atmospheres” in your music, what movies influenced you?

I love bad B-Movies and silent horror films. I also love campy shit like ‘Rocky Horror’.

Have you played a lot of shows so far? Best memories? Worst ones?

I love playing live. I usually dress in drag, and I’m also in the tranni-rock band ‘Sex With Lurch’. I loved playing the fetish ball in Hollywood, but even if we’re playing a sleazy dump somewhere it’s fun to me. Like all bands, some nights shit just goes wrong…broken strings on stage or feedback on the monitors, but ya just roll with it and crack some jokes or something, or take your clothes off!

Have you played in different States there? I guess there must be places where the band’s image probably shocks people?

The only states I’ve gigged in are California and Hawaii, but I would love to play in Europe one day. I’ve been to Gay Paris, but not with the band unfortunately. It is a dream of mine to play out in your neck of the woods.

Can you tell us more about your songs? What are they about? Fiction? Reality?…

I write about what I love and have experienced. I am a surfer, so a lot of my songs have that influence. I was a Junkie for a zillion years too, but I’ve been clean and sober for the past 14 years-One day at a time, of course. So I know the darkness intimately but I also know about hope and healing too. I enjoy pop culture like I said before, with the whole monster thing.

It seems like there’s more bands with a strong image now than 5 years ago, whether they’re into glam rock, goth metal or J-Rock/Visual Kei?, what’s your opinion on it?

I have to think about that a little. To me the most important thing is good songs. I think image is also important, but it’s cool when an artist is being creative when inventing his/herself. Ziggy Stardust is a perfect example.

What?s your opinion on the music business today? Is it worse than in the past?

I hate the music biz! I am glad to be unsigned doing the DIY thing. Most of the music I hear is Dorky and does not pass my goosebump test!

What are the band’s projects?

My latest project is a ‘Best Of The Barbarellatones’ cd I’m finishing up. I remixed some of our earlier songs and recorded some new stuff also. There’s a track called ‘Pussycat Babylon’ produced by punk legend Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Germs) that’s on there and Paul Roessler from 45 Grave and Nina Hagen is playing keyboards on it. I am such a name-dropper, it’s scandalous! This year we got our song ‘The Fire Of Love’ licensed for The Sopranos-episode ‘Luxury Lounge’ aired 4/23 on HBO. Thanx, Luv, Robbie

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