Matty James “Never Learn” Single

MJNLMatty James‘ second single from his debut solo album “Last One To Die” is an acoustic song that shows us Matty’s songwriting talents and features North Irish musician Roisin Buerns on piano and backing vocals. This certainly helps to reinforce the Irish vibe of this song. It also features Matty’s brother Philthy on mandolin. Enjoy the new video below!/Laurent C.



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The Breakdowns “Rock ‘N’ Roller Skates”

TheBreakdowns2I don’t know much aboutThe BREAKDOWNS, but their Facebook page says they started in 2005, in Nottingham, UK! 11 songs full of cool influences such as CHEAP TRICK, TOM PETTY, or The NEW YORK DOLLS.
Whether their power pop gets close to glam rock’n’roll (“Rock City Limits”) or catchy in a CHEAP TRICK way (“Off The Record”), it never gets wrong! Even when they get into the teenage pop punk territory (“Mainline Waiting”), these guys bring the best out of the style, reminding me of the great AMERICAN HEARTBREAK!
You’ll even find a bit of MINK DEVILLE in “It Ain’t Over”, some STONES guitars in “Sweet Pamela Jane”, and a 60s flavoured ballad (“It’s Only Love.”) The RAMONES influence can mainly be found in the last song “Stick ‘Em Up Buddy!”, and this one will definitely stick to your mind!
You know you want it, so get your slice of heartbreak rock’n’roll!/Laurent C.

Brand New Hate “Hangover And Over”

BNHWhile the band’s name suggests a big BACKYARD BABIES influence, BRAND NEW HATE actually sounds more British, in a QUIREBOYS/FACES way: Raspy voice, STONES guitars and the good ol’ occasional piano!
These four French guys started playing together in 2007, and it’s good to see them back with this new 10 song album. Influences like the DEAD BOYS (“Luv Machine”) and the NEW YORK DOLLS/JOHNNY THUNDERS (“Anaconda S.S.”) can still be heard, but a song like “Sinner And Preachers” sounds more like PRIMA DONNA (a band they played with a few times.)
Good old classic rock’n’roll (“Lose Your Teeth”) and ’77 glam punk rock’n’roll get along perfectly on this record, a tribute to all rock’n’roll heroes (“A Band On The Go”), but also an album on which you’ll find great original songs like “I Need a Hand” or “Feelin’ Bad Feels Good”!
Rock’n’Roll with a big R./Laurent C.

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