The Easy Lovers “Get A Job”

TheEasyLoversI haven’t heard from these guys from Oklahoma before, but here they are, introducing themselvers with 13 old-school punk rock’n’roll songs that smell like dirty streets and beer. You’ll find some angry ’77 tunes (“Kill That Girl”, “Away From Me”…), a bit of explosive trashy power pop (“Fall For You”, “Forbidden Zone”, “Runnin’ Out On Love”…) and lots of hooligan backing vocals in the choruses of these songs. Early CLASH (“Pills For Pills”, “Blacklist”…) and JOHNNY THUNDERS (the guitars!) come to mind when listening to this album, and songs like “I Don’t Wanna Know” and “Track Marks and a Broken Heart” seem to have been made to make you pogo ’77 style and sing a long until you drop! The EASY LOVERS also make me think of new Swedish band 16 TON ROCKERS since they seem to share the same influences and spirit. Ready, steady, go!/Laurent C.
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Suicide Bombers “The Sex Tapes”

SBombersSexTapesA new EP from Norway’s SUICIDE BOMBERS: 6 explosive songs with retro-futuristic SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIKish samples in between them. Opening song “Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights)” does a great job at getting you hooked from the start, and makes you ready for “iKill (Suicide Romeo)”, a good dose of sleaze rock with guitars reminding of the mighty ZODIAC MINDWARP.
If you like 1983/84 MÖTLEY CRÜE, then you’ll probably enjoy “Planets Collide”, a song that could stand right in between “Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Looks That Kill”; and if you want some in your face heavy punk’n’roll, then “X.i. Thing” is the one for you.
Fans of the bubblegum glam punk side of the TRASHCAN DARLINGS will love “Boyfriend (Sha-La-La), and the cherry on top here is a wild hard rockin’ BACKSTREET GIRLS cover (“Devolicious Boys”)!
“The Sex Tapes” comes out with a booklet in which you’ll find the song lyrics and lots of coulourful pictures, you can trust these guys for not doing things by halves!/Laurent C.
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Baby Scream “Fan, Fan, Fan”/”The Worst Of…”

BabyScreamFanFanFanBABY SCREAM (Juan Pablo Mazzola) is back with two (!) albums, “Fan, Fan, Fan” and “The Worst Of…”
90s tainted power pop and 60s/70s rock are still the man’s main influences. You’ll find 12 new songs in “Fan, Fan, Fan”, lots of sweet melodies (“Back To Douche”, “Just For A While”), some sunny tracks with disillusionned lyrics (“Loner”, “Captain Hook”, “The Girl Next Door”), touch of cabaret rock (“Cheap Perfume”, “Blue In Berlin”), and some BOWIE-esque ballads (“A Human Being On Mars”, “Haters Will Hate.”)
“The Worst Of…” is a 27 song CD (22 originals and 5 covers), definitely too much for someone like me who enjoys the vinyl format for records, but well, these were taken out of 200 songs!… Stand out songs include “As Long As It Hurts (I’m Fine)” and “Shooting Stars”, two songs with a DINOSAUR JR feel as well as “In A Picture” and its big SUEDE influence.
The covers include the ones BABY SCREAM recorded for an Argentinian record label that released some TV shows/cartoons/movies based compilations, and I have to admit that the “Friends” theme actually fits BABY SCREAM very well!
Fans of The JAYHAWKS, Americana and The BEATLES will enjoy this new albums for sure./Laurent C.

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The Joystix “Punchline”

TheJoystixPunchlineIt’s been a while since we last heard of Hungary’s most promising rock’n’roll band, The JOYSTIX. On this new album, the WILDHEARTS influence gets stronger than ever (“Disconnected”, “In My Head”, “Wasted”… ), but the old-school touch can still be found too, whether it is a bit of MOTÖRHEAD in “Born Under a Bad Sign”, some high-energy punk’n’roll (“Feel Feel Feel”), or some sleazy guitar oriented rock’n’roll (“Fame Train.”)
The production, though still sounds contemporary and a bit of moderni-ish rock such as FOO FIGHTERS can be heard in a song like “Back In The Saddle”, although I like the band better when they get back to their roots and bring us a song like “Last Action Hero”, one of the catchiest tracks on this album!
The blues song (“Dumb Man Blues”) in the middle of the tracklist is a good idea, an interlude in DREGEN‘s “Flat Tyre On A Muddy Road” spirit.
Conclusion: In 2015, The JOYSTIX is still an underrated band./Laurent C.

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