Lipstick “S/T”

LipstickIntroduced as a band that was formed after their lead singer and leader, Greg Troyan travelled through space, LIPSTICK is a theatrical glam influenced band from Nashville, TN. While you’ll find a good dose of L.A. glam metal in songs like “We’re Here To Rock You”, “The Conan Song” or “Alone”, LIPSTICK also brings 70s KISS, or the NEW YORK DOLLS to mind in “I Like The Way I Rock”, or “Having Fun.” The production is quite raw and sometimes reminds me of the early 90s Sunset Strip bands demos, which isn’t a bad thing to me, although a bubblegum rock, glitter pop song like “Tonight” would probably sound better with a bigger production.
While this album’s mood is definitely fun, LIPSTICK gets to surprise us with the last song, “I Want The World To Know”, a sad piano ballad that sounds way better than the typical power ballads you can hear on most glam metal revival bands nowadays.
LIPSTICK‘s colourful universe also seems to be connected to its members’ interest in anime, which probably makes them very Japanese friendly!
“Rock’n’Roll Forever” perfectly sums up the band’s spirit, and if you think that fun, fantasy and flamboyance have been missing for too long in music, then this album is for you./Laurent C.
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Kore Kosmou “S/T”

KoreKosmouKORE KOSMOU is the project of Holeg Spies (French film/arts producer/composer), singer/song writer Ariel Electron, and ex-BAD LOSERS guitarist Thierry Jones (now in The JONES.) This album is all about experimenting with different atmospheres/moods, a bit like a movie soundtrack, and this is all reinforced by various special guests such as Jon Klein (SPECIMEN, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES), East Bay Ray (DEAD KENNEDYS), and Patrick Savage (ROYAL PHILARMONIC ORCHESTRA.) You’ll get some ambient/electronica (“Stolen Light”, “Eternal Return”, “We Create Reality”), and trip-hop (“Dream Agent”, “Abracadabra”) wrapped up with mysticism and indian references (“Cherokee Witch.”)
The mix of all these influences brings us some great moments, like the uncategorizable” Children Of The Stars” (the remix version definitely sounds like a movie soundtrack) or the electro-industrial dance hit “Ride.” Cosmic cinematic!/Laurent C.
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Raging Dead “Born In Rage” EP

RagingDeadNew horror punk band from Italy bringing us 6 (well, actually 5 since “Awakening Of The Damned” is an intro) songs with heavy WEDNESDAY 13/MURDERDOLLS influences, and an image close to Sweden’s SISTER, something like black metal meets glam on a Halloween night.
The guitar sound in songs like “Scratch Me”, or “Anathema” is definitely metal, but the raw punk energy you can hear in the vocals and backing vocals make these tracks sound quite wild. No time to breathe, “Redemption” could even be a hardcore kid’s favourite, while “Nightstalker” will make headbangers sing along, and “Vengeance” will make you scream like Rob Halford in a slasher film.
I was about to say that I’m looking forward to listening to a full album, but the EP format actually works well with this genre./Laurent C.

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The Legendary Pink Dots/kETvECTOR “The Shock Exchange”

TLPDKVVery limited (299) transparent vinyl record store day edition to celebrate the meeting of avant-garde/industrial rock pioneers The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS and Justin Bennett (SKINNY PUPPY drummer)’s project kETvECTOR.
The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS offer us 3 dark and quiet (sometimes almost ambient songs coloured with psychedelic and electronica arrangements.) You can actually hear the strong influence they had on SKINNY PUPPY in these songs, so sharing this record with kETvECTOR only appears as natural, although kETvECTOR‘s music is even more progressive, subtly mixing ambient atmospheres to oriental melodies and free-jazz drum beats.
The artwork includes paintings from Franke Nardiello (aka Groovie Mann) of MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT.
“The Shock Exchange” is not only an interesting meeting, it also perfectly works as a unit./Laurent C.

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