Eldorado “Babylonia Haze”

EldoradoBabyloniaHazeSpanish hard rock with a big DEEP PURPLE influence and psychedelic touches. Good looking digipack, solid musicianship and great vocals in that style, but speaking of style… I can only admit that this isn’t my style at all… So, even though opening song “Mad Woman” is quite impressive, and “Evil People” confirms that ELDORADO really know how to master their art, those PURPLE-ish keyboards tend to drive me crazy on the long run.
The band gets more into the LED ZEPPELIN territory when they slow down the tempo (“Breathe The Night”, “Flowers Of Envy”) and can even appeal to stoner rock fans on “Goodbye & Carry On” and “You Don’t Wanna Need Her”, but not to me… Seriously, I still wonder if record labels actually look at the websites/blogs they send their stuff to!/Laurent C.

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Rebel Hotel “The Way I Am/Overflow”

TC2Two songs from L.A. based REBEL HOTEL, “The Way I Am” and “Overflow.” Think modern hard rock with a punky edge, sleaze rock flirting with Californian punk rock, VELVET REVOLVER jamming with the DEAD KENNEDYS? Maybe not, but something close!… These guys like their heavy guitar riffs and high-energy drum beats, and you’ll also find a bit of 70s hard rock in “Overflow” too (especially in the guitars.) Two songs isn’t enough, but REBEL HOTEL released a few EPs before that, so check out their website for more!/Laurent C.

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Los Pepes “For Everyone”

LosPepesIFEAnother great looking record (cool colourful collage art-work/poster!) released by Wanda Records. London’s LOS PEPES offer us 12 punked-out power pop songs somewhere between The RAMONES, The EXPLODING HEARTS, The BOYS, EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS and The BUZZCOCKS.
When opener “All I can Do” does a fantastic job to get you hooked up with its glammy chorus/vocal harmonies, it only gets better with “I Just Don’t Know’, “I Don’t Need Anyone”, or “Unknown” that puts the band right close to The BITERS. You’ll also find a good 60s pop dose in songs like “I Won’t Fall In Love” or “Alone In The City”, and some high energy punk’n’roll mixed to some fine melodies in “This Love’s War”, “Guilty Pleasures”, or “Modern Life.” Early HANOÏ ROCKS and SOHO ROSES even come to mind when listening to “Inconsolable” and “Tonight.”
Some of these songs sound familiar, but it’s just because LOS PEPES managed to use the same ingredients as the bands who wrote your favourite classics. Listen to them when they say that LOS PEPES is “For Everyone!” /Laurent C.

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16 Ton Rockers “The Vintage Retro Tapes 1977″

16TonFrontGood to hear from our Swedish rock’n’roll friend Spinx B’ Stard (SWINDLE-A-GO-GO, SALVATION STAR BRIGADE, SUICIDE PACT, etc) again. It’s been a while!
Back with 4 punk rock pistoleros, Spinx’s vocals still sound as good as in his previous bands. These guys got together last year, and chose 3 songs among lots of material to introduce the band under its best light:
“Pistol A Go Go” opens in a mid tempo rocker way, with a killer chorus made to seduce all of you HANOÏ ROCKS/SEX PISTOLS fans!
“Somebody Save Me” is probably the most surprising tracks here, a good surprise full of melodies, powerful guitars and vocals sometimes bringing the MANIC STREET PREACHERS to mind.
Last but not least, “All The Fucks” is an in your face ’77 street punk rock’n’roll song which leaves you definitely wanting more… And we want more!/Laurent C.

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