The DeRellas “Rock n Rollercoaster” 7″

TheDerellasRNRCThis is the new flashy single the band has been promoting on their recent French tour. “Rock n Rollercoaster” is a cool RAMONES influenced punk song that you can also hear on the band’s new album “Slam! Bam!”, and side B offers us an unreleased crpytic (and mostly instrumental) rock’n’roll song (“Day Of The Dead.”) You’ll also find an old classic of the band that hasn’t been released on vinyl before: “She’s a Pistol.” If you haven’t heard the band before, then this 7″ will give you a right idea about what they’re all about, and if you’re already a fan, then you get something new for your collection…Hey Ho! Let’s PoGo! /Laurent C.

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Leather Boys “Back In The Streets”

LBBITSFrom what I remember, this Spanish band sounded a bit like PRETTY BOY FLOYD on their 2012 Ep. For some reason, they don’t really sound like this anymore, although 80s hard rock seems to remain their main influence.
You’ll also find some bluesy 70s influenced hard rock (“The Best”, “Sweet Revelation”, “Lord Of The Whores”), some sleazy rock’n’roll (“Sexagenery Sex”, “Hard Sex Girl”, “Riding, Fighting and Drinking”), and even some melodic heavy rock in a DOKKEN way (“Cries In The Night.”)
There’s nothing shockingly bad on this album, but it definitely lacks strong songs, although “Rock’n’Roll Gets Me High” actually stands out. The song titles might sound funny, but these guys probably just want to have a good time… All the time./Laurent C.
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No Tomorrow Boys “Who Killed Johnny?” 7″

TNTMWKJThe NO TOMORROW BOYS, from Portland, Oregon are back with two new songs on this cool looking clear vinyl (also available in black) released by Hound Gawd! Records: “Who Killed Johnny?”, a tribute to JOHNNY THUNDERS that will please all of you LAMF rock’n’roll addicts, and “Get Out Of Denver”, a CHUCK BERRY meets LITTLE RICHARD on speed kind of song! Short indeed, but this is rock’n’roll, there’s no time to waste!
Dirty NEW YORK DOLLS guitars, 50s looks and 70s punk snotty vocals, it’s hard to resist The NO TOMORROW BOYS. I already enjoyed their album “Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx On me”, and hope these guys will get to play in Europe soon. Go, boys, go!/Laurent C.

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30th Anniversary Edition of Demons’ soundtrack

written & composed by Claudio Simonetti

30th Anniversary Edition and definitive release of the iconic horror film soundtrack composed by Claudio Simonetti for Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava’s 1980′s gore classic “Demons“.

This soundtrack perfectly captures the growing tension created by the film as the main characters are transformed into demons, leading the way with the electro metal of “Killing”, the percussively “Cruel Demon”, and the now classic cult hit “Demon”.

30 years later the music still shines with timeless quality thanks to the eclectic talent of composer Claudio Simonetti.