Temporal Sluts “Cosmocracy” 7″

New cool looking 7″ 2 song record for Italy’s wildest punk rock’n’roll band, TEMPORAL SLUTS on Mental Beat Records/Striped Music: “Cosmocracy”, an angry up-tempo song bringing their friends The HUMPERS to mind, and “Rum Dark Room”, a more rock’n’roll track with Jerry Lee Lewis piano (played by The LEECHES‘ Massilanciasassi) and Chuck Berry guitar, with… More Temporal Sluts “Cosmocracy” 7″

“SKINTIGHT COMEBACK” … a rocknroll column by Pepsi Sheen

“Everyone’s a fink in the new America.” (-Falling James) “Be wary of those who are more concerned about the expression of your pain than they are the condition of your suffering!” (-Heber Brown III, Baltimore leader) “The country’s moved so far to the right…..on domestic policy, Obama is to the right of Nixon. That’s just… More “SKINTIGHT COMEBACK” … a rocknroll column by Pepsi Sheen

Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics “How Do I Taste?”

Good to see that some bands still send real promo packages. This one includes this 5 (+1) song digipack CD, stickers, button, info sheet, and chocolate bar (melted thanks to the current heatwave, or the girl on the album cover!) First song “Get On Your Knees” opens with a tribute riff to ZODIAC MINDWARP, and… More Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics “How Do I Taste?”

New TAFKAVince band single, “Tonight” (digital release)

TAFKAVince Band (The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band) has just digitally released a new single, “Tonight”, recorded and produced in NY by Ivan Julian. It can be found on iTunes and most digital stores, and you’ll love this glammy power pop song if you already enjoyed the NYC 7″ the band released last year.… More New TAFKAVince band single, “Tonight” (digital release)